Best Streets in Beijing for Shopping, Dining, Arts, Romance, Fashion, Nostalgia

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Beijing is teemed with unique streets. No matter you are a first time visitor or Beijing’s regular guest, taking a stroll along the streets in Beijing is a must. Let me give you some tips for street rambling in Beijing.
Best Shopping Street – Window Shopping at Xidan Street 西单
Xidan is a real shopping area with plentiful stores of large scale. The famous  Xidan Shopping malls, Xidan Department stores, Sino-Japan Department, Taijun Department Store and and Joy City. Young people here have created one fashion world, where it is not surprising for you to see all sorts of people wearing UGG in winter.
Bus Line: 1, 4, 10, 15, 22, 37, 47, 52, 102, 105, 109, 603, 604 (get off at Xidan Stop)
Metro Line: Line 1, Line 4  Xidan Stop)
Best Culture Street – Roaming on Liulichang Culture Street 琉璃厂
Liulichang Antique Street is about 800 meters long. It is located in the south of Hepingmen, the south west of Xuanwu District, and east to Yanshousi Street of Xuanwu District. tarting from the Qing Dynasty (1368 – 1911), Beijing Liulichang gradually developed into the largest book market as well as the paper and ink pen research, antique paintings and more. There are many well-known in the old shop, such as the Rong Bao Zhai, as well as old bookstore in China, China’s largest bookstore. Liulichang has remained simple, full of life in the capital.
Metro Line: Line 2: get off at Hepingmen Station, exit from Exit D1 or D2 (southwest exit), and walk south for about 500 meters.
Bus Line: Line 7, 14, 15, 66 and get off at Liulichang Station.
Most Nostalgic Street – Strolling on Guizijian Street (Imperial College Street) 国子监街
Not far south of Andingmen, there is a very ancient street – Guozijian Street (Imperial College Street), four arches still stand across the street. Guozijian the Imperial College in the middle of the street, it is the equivalent of today’s university, the highest educational institution of the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Next to it is the Confucius Temple. After visiting Imperial College and Confucius Temple, you can go visit the Lama Temple close to the Imperial College. Lama Temple is a Tibetan Buddhist temple.
Bus Line: Take bus 13 or 684 and get off at Guozijian Station
Metro Line: Line 2 or Subway Line 5: get off at Yonghegong Station
Best Food Street – Having a bite at Guijie Street (Ghost Street) 簋街
Guijie, Ghost Street is located in Dongzhimen of Dongcheng District. Guijie is a nickname of the food street because there are a series of dining restaurants, brightly lit at night on the street. It can be described as a eating street that never sleeps. If you have not been teere, then lose no time going there and having a bite.
Subway: Line 2 and get off at Dongzhimen, then walk 1000 meter from cloverleaf junction in the easteast at Dongzhimen to to Jiaodaokou East Street in the west.
Most Romantic Street – Loitering on Yandai Xiejie Street 烟袋斜街
The street is located between Dianmen Street and Shichahai Yinding Bridge, teamed with bars boutique shops everywhere. It has a romantic mood, and very popular with foreigners who like it here very much. Yan Dai Xie Jie literally means “Slanted Tobacco Pipe Street “. The street itself resembles a huge pipe totally 232 meters long. It is “slanted “because it runs from the northeast to southwest
Bus Line: Bus no.5, 60, 107, 124 at (Drum Tower) Stop, then walk 8 minutes to Yandai Xiejie.
Metro Line: Subway Line 2 to Gulou Dajie Station, get out of the station from Exit B and then walk south 20 minutes to Yandai Xiejie.
Best Arts Street – Puttering around  798 Arts Space 798艺术区
798 Dashanzi factory is located in the eastern outskirts of Beijing. It was originally an industrial base built the early days of New China, aided by the former Soviet Union, and former East German engineers who had designed and built. Now the factory has become a gathering of many artists new art space – 798 Space. It is a gathering place for avant-garde art, it is known. It is close to the airport, you can go to the airport on the way to visit 798 Space, but don’t miss the plane.
By Taxi or private car: Enter the Airport Expressway and leave the expressway at the Jiuxianqiao Road Exit.
By Metro: Subway Line 10 and get off at Sanyuanqiao Station.
By Bus: Take Bus No. 401, 402, 405, or 991 to Dashanzi Road
Best Fashion Street – Rambling in Yansha Commercial Circle 燕莎商圈
Here is the shopping paradise for the white collar workers. This place is a melting pot where the culture, taste, international lifestyle and attitude meet. If you are not white-collar workers who often go to Yansha Shopping arera, it is still a good idea to go there and enjoy the feelings thing. Yansha Business Circle is located in Chaoyang District.
Top Beijing Street Stroll Day Tour
1. Morning shopping – Wangfujing Street 王府井
Going to Wangfujing Street is a must on your short stay in Beijing. Some friends must think wandering on the Wangfujing Street is the best in the evening when the street is lit beautifully. But roaming on the Wangfujing at night is really good, but you are still advised to go there in the morning because is less crowded. Many hundred years old is also well-known stores here, such as Hendry watches, Sheng Xifu hat shop, Dong Lai Shun, Quanjude, etc.  These long-established shops are immersed together with a variety of Chinese traditional culture.
Bus Line: 10, 20, 37, 41, 59, 120, 126 (alight at Wangfujing Stop)
Metro Line: Line 1 (alight at Wangfujing Stop)
2. Afternoon Street Stroll – Dongjiaominxiang 东交民巷
Dong Jiao Min Xiang was the famous embassy district, located east of Tiananmen Square and Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. It is an east-west street. Lined on the both sides of the street of Dong Jiao Min Xiang, lined with century-old, western-style buildings.The middle section of Dongjiaominxiang was once dominated by French influence. Bus Line: No 8 or 60 bus and get off at Zhengyilunankou Station
Bus Line: No 2, 5, 20, 22, 120, or 726 bus and get off at Qianmen Station
Bus Line: No 9, 729, 744, 819, or 859 bus and get off at Zhengyilu Station
Metro Line: Subway Line to Qianmen or Tian’anmendong Station
3. Evening Rambling around Houhai Lake – North Bank of Houhai Lake 后海北沿
Rambling along in north bank of Houhai, where the courtyard is well structured, and most of those are not stylish, but with some charm. Away from the north along the west, there you will the former residence of Soong Ching Ling, the former residence and other cultural sites.
Metro Line: Line 4 and alight at Ping’anli Station. Get out from the southeast exit and then walk along Di’anmen Xi Dajie to the east about 20 minutes till you find the north gate of Beihai Park on the south of the road.
Bus Line: Bus 118, 107, 701, 823, 13 and get off at  Beihai Beimen (north gate of Beihai Park) or 60, 124 at Gu Lou (Drum Tower).

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