Beijing Out of Town Excursions VS London Out of Town Excursions

With the finacial support from the Beijing local governments, a huge number of villages in the 8 suburban districts and 2 counties under the administration of Beijing Municipality have become much richer by being engaged in rual tourism, offering home guesthouse and catering service to the white-collar and middle class residents who live and work in the downtown capital.
Beijing Excursions have become a pastime and popular mode of living among hard-working middle class residents. Each weekend the major sights and scenic villages in the suburban Beijing are packed with holiday-makers who are armed with cars and vans, which have entered ordinary households with the improvement of living standard and fast developed economy.
Compared with the Beijing local residents, Londoners have much more privileges in terms of the natural sights and beautiful environment. Actually the Londoners are spoiled and pampered with the picturesque out of town stunning views. This has also hardened my belief that foreign vistors are more interested in the local traditional culture of Beijing than the pure Beijing Sightseeing. The local travel agencies in Beijing should focus on tapping the local traditions and activities rather than making use of the “harsh” natural sights.
Just have a glimpse of the stunning London out of town views:


Pass through a vllage


Drive by a village house


A village house

Rose Cottage
Driving by the green field
A small village with a church.
Sheep and Castle
Green field
the field
rape seeds blossoms