Ancient Trees in Beijing

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It is said that Dr Henry Kissinger, when he visited the Temple of Heaven, stated that while the USA could recreate the Temple of Heaven if it desired, it could not create the trees!

These ancient trees are living relics with stories and legends. They bear witness to history.

Beijing, the capital of China, is an ancient city. She has more than 3,000 years of history, nearly 1,000 years as a capital. One of the witnesses of this long history is the more than 40,000 ancient trees distributed in the suburbs and urban areas of Beijing.

Now follow us to have a virtual tour of viewing some of the most treasured ancient trees in Beijing.

1. King of Arborvitae ( 侧柏)

Xinchengzi Town, Miyun District, Beijing, is located in the far northeastern suburb of Beijing. There is an ancient arborvitae tree ( 侧柏)in the town, which is the oldest known tree in Beijing at present.

It is inferred that the tree is over 3,500 years old, and is called the ‘King of Arborvitae’ .

King of Arborvitae( 侧柏)

2. Ancient Green Sandalwood(檀香树)

In Nankou Town, Changping District, Beijing, there is a 3,000-year-old first-class ancient sandalwood tree(檀香树)named ‘Ancient Green Sandalwood’.

Ancient Green Sandalwood(檀香树)

From a distance, it looks like a ‘giant bonsai’. The local residents prefer to call it a ‘Fortune Tree’ .

3. An ancient locust tree (刺槐树)

On the north bank of the upper reaches of Yanqi Lake in Huairou District, Beijing, there is a huge ancient locust tree (刺槐树) over 2,000 years old, which should be planted in the Han Dynasty, according to the research.

An ancient locust tree (刺槐树)

4. King of Cypress Trees ( 柏树)

In the upper mountain of Fangshan District, Beijing, there is the largest group of ancient trees in Beijing. There are more than 10 ancient trees over a thousand years old.

King of Cypress Trees ( 柏树)

One of the cypress trees( 柏树) is more than 1,500 years old and is called the ‘King of Cypress Trees’

5. Beijing Ginkgo King (银杏树)

In Jugezhuang Town, Miyun District, Beijing, there is a ginkgo tree, known as ‘Beijing Ginkgo King’.

Beijing Ginkgo King (银杏树)

According to research, this ginkgo tree (银杏树) was planted in the Tang Dynasty, and it has been more than 1,300 years ago.

6. Old Trees at Tanzhe Temple and Jietai Temple

6. Tanzhe Temple, located in Mentougou District, Beijing, is the oldest Buddhist temple in Beijing. There is a tall and lush ginkgo tree (银杏树)(6A) in the temple yard, which is estimated to be more than 1,300 years old, and was named ‘Emperor Tree’ by the Qing Dynasty Emperor.

a tall and lush ginkgo tree (银杏树)(6A)

In addition, there is a white pine (白松)in the temple, which is 1,000 years old (6B).

a white pine (白松)(6B)

The Jietai Temple not far from Tanzhe Temple, it has a history of 1,400 years, and there are also 4 thousand-year-old trees in the temple (6C).

An ancient tree in Jietai Temple

7. An ancient ginkgo tree (银杏树)

Outside the Great Wall of Juyongguan Pass in Nankou Town, Changping District, Beijing, there is a ginkgo tree (银杏树), which is said to be planted in the Tang Dynasty and is about 1,200 years old.

a ginkgo tree (银杏树)

8. More ancient trees in Beijing

The above-mentioned ancient trees are distributed in the suburbs of Beijing.

There are also many ancient trees in the urban areas of Beijing, such as Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Temple of Confucius, etc. Many of which are 300 years old, 400 years old, 500 years old, or even more than 600 years old (8).

An old cypress tree in Temple of Heaven

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