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Chongqing to Yichang,
4D/3N Sailing Schedules 2008
Yichang to Chongqing,
5D/4N Sailing Schedules 2008
2008/03/11 Sun East King 2008/03/07 Wed East King
2008/03/18 Sun East King 2008/03/14 Wed East King
2008/03/25 Sun East King 2008/03/21 Wed East King
2008/04/01 Sun East King 2008/03/28 Wed East King
2008/04/08 Sun East King 2008/04/04 Wed East King
2008/04/15 Sun East King 2008/04/11 Wed East King
2008/04/22 Sun East King 2008/04/18 Wed East King
2008/04/29 Sun East King 2008/04/25 Wed East King
2008/05/06 Sun East King 2008/05/02 Wed East King
2008/05/13 Sun East King 2008/05/09 Wed East King
2008/05/20 Sun East King 2008/05/16 Wed East King
2008/05/27 Sun East King 2008/05/23 Wed East King
2008/06/03 Sun East King 2008/05/30 Wed East King
2008/06/10 Sun East King 2008/06/06 Wed East King
2008/06/17 Sun East King 2008/06/13 Wed East King
2008/06/24 Sun East King 2008/06/20 Wed East King
2008/07/01 Sun East King 2008/06/27 Wed East King
2008/07/08 Sun East King 2008/07/04 Wed East King
2008/07/15 Sun East King 2008/07/11 Wed East King
2008/07/22 Sun East King 2008/07/18 Wed East King
2008/07/29 Sun East King 2008/07/25 Wed East King
2008/08/05 Sun East King 2008/08/01 Wed East King
2008/08/12 Sun East King 2008/08/08 Wed East King
2008/08/19 Sun East King 2008/08/15 Wed East King
2008/08/26 Sun East King 2008/08/22 Wed East King
2008/09/02 Sun East King 2008/08/29 Wed East King
2008/09/09 Sun East King 2008/09/05 Wed East King
2008/09/16 Sun East King 2008/09/12 Wed East King
2008/09/23 Sun East King 2008/09/19 Wed East King
2008/09/30 Sun East King 2008/09/26 Wed East King
2008/10/07 Sun East King 2008/10/03 Wed East King
2008/10/14 Sun East King 2008/10/10 Wed East King
2008/10/21 Sun East King 2008/10/17 Wed East King
2008/10/28 Sun East King 2008/10/24 Wed East King
2008/11/04 Sun East King 2008/10/31 Wed East King
2008/11/11 Sun East King 2008/11/07 Wed East King
2008/11/18 Sun East King 2008/11/14 Wed East King
2008/11/25 Sun East King 2008/11/21 Wed East King


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