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Gala Dinners in Beijing

Award banquets are events that recognize the excellence within your organization. Let our experience make your award banquets a spectacular event! Beijing is the place to try all different kinds of Chinese food. Here we present Restaurants with first-class dishes. There are many Restaurants which are specialized in those kinds of foods everywhere. Besides, there are lots of chance to meet other kinds of restaurants from all around the world.

Beijing Court Cuisine
Beijing Imperial Court Food is a very important part of Beijing Food, dating back to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It was originated from royal kitchens where dishes and food were only served for the royal family. After the fall of the Qing Dynasty, Imperial Court Cuisine began to spread among the ordinary people and became very popular. It used to cater for the Dowager 108 Kinds of dish according to Historical Records.

Beijing Hot Pot Mutton
Mongolian hot pot came from northern nomadic tribes. Mutton hot pot became a favorite for royal family. You're prepared with slices of raw mutton. You can put them into the boiling water in the hot Spicy. Sichuan hotpot is divided into half-spicy and half-not. In the past Sichuan Hot Pot was very spicy. Now people can taste hot pot with spicy, clear or milky soup pot placed in the middle of the table of the table, coat them with a do-it-yourself sauce, and start eating.

Beijing Roast Duck
Peking Duck or Beijing Roast Duck is regarded as one of the most delicious dishes throughout the world. It is a must for most visitors coming to Beijing to have a bite. There are two famous restaurants that offer Beijing Roast Duck. Both Quanjude Roast Duck & Bianyifang Roast Duck have a history of over one hundred years. Quanjude Roast Duck was founded in 1864 while Bianyifang Roast Duck was founded in 1855.

Princess Residence (GEGEFU )
Located in a peaceful alley (hutong) near the China Art Museum , this huge courtyard , covering about 1000 square meters , was the residence of a princess in the late Qing Dynasty. It has a beautiful-designed garden, with rockery and lakes. These stews are believed to have the effects of Chinese traditional tonics-stronger body , smooth skin and even longevity.

Tan' Imperial Cuisine (TAN JIA CAI)
It is learned that this particular type of cuisine was first made by Tanzongjun and his son who were both government officials in the late Qing Dynasty during the 1920s and 1930s. Tan's cuisine is based on Cantonese food and absorbed elements from other regional cuisines. It has three features that make it different from other cuisines: it is neither too salty nor too sweet so that it meets the palates from both the south and the north.

Xian Heng Restaurant
Xian Heng Restaurant features southern food from Zhejiang Province , which highlights brined and pickled dishes. The name of this restaurant came from a fiction by LU XUN, one of the most famous writers and essayists in China . The facade of the restaurant revives the style of architecture in the Yangtze Delta region' grey bricks , wood-framed windows and broad pitchblack doors.

Daizhaimen Restaurant of Family Bai
It is located in the northwest of Beijing, formerly a part of the imperial route to the famous Summer Palace. It represents the top level of imperial food including Palace Dish and Guanfu Dish. Besides it has pride in its own unique style " Baifu Dish". Once you enter Dazhaimen Restaurant of Family Bai, you can hear the ancient music, lingering and reverberating, and smell the fragrance of flowers and grass in the air. You will also be greeted by a squatting down ( ancient form of etiquette) and a saying of " Nin Ji Xiang" ( ancient greeting, meaning " Good Luck to You" or " Welcome "), the " maid of honor " holding a silk handkerchief in the hand.

Wahaha Restaurant
Wahaha is very large, with over 100 closed family/party rooms and several open areas. Its internal decor is based on the ponds and shore vegetation. From the outside you wouldn't even know there was a big restaurant inside.In the busy restaurant hours it's suggested that you should reserve ahead of time. The food is also toward the aquatic, with fantastic dishes made of most of what can be hauled up from the deep. Rather with a southern Chinese emphasis, without being identified as Cantonese or this or that. Does the Wa-ha-ha name sounds familiar? It means "giggling baby!" A restaurant with the name of the Giggling Baby? Ha!ha !

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