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The Show of Beijing Night
The Show of Beijing Night is presented in a grand theater in Dayabao Hutong Dongcheng District close the Jianguomen Bridge. The performance is focused on the Chinese traditional performing arts. Every evening, the show is performed with lots of fans. You will find the mixture of the Beijing Opera, the Chinese dance, the acrobatics and Chinese Kong fu over the pleasing music and spotlights and other modern stage arts. In the theater, dinner is served to make your presence more comfortable. Of course, you may enjoy the show after your dinner outside the theater.

Beijing Kung Fu Show in the Evening
Once you are in Beijing, you have the chance to enjoy amazing"The Legend of Kung Fu" put on by China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Co., Ltd. ( CHC)China' leading performance art production company. This is a newly-produced show presented in the Red Theater situated on the east of Tiantan Hotel in Xing Fu Dajie, Chongwen. CHC has chosed a group of the best Kung Fu practitioners of China and invited the best directors and designers of the country. The show is a must-to-see show in Beijing for tourists and Kung Fu fans.

Beijing Opera
Peking opera in Beijing is a national treasure with a history of over 200 years. It's said that in the year 1790 during the administration of Emperor Qianlong, there were the four main Huiban opera Troupes which came to the capital and coupled with Kunqu opera, Yiyang opera, Hanju opera and Luantan in Beijing' opera circle of that time. After the mixture and integration of various kinds of operas over half century, the present Peking opera, was originated.

Beijing Teahouse Show
A teahouse, actually is a place for drinking tea and enjoying traditional performances. It's even a place for doing business and gathering news. Lao She Teahouse (Lao She Chaguang) and Tianqiao Happy Teahouse (Tianqiao Le Chayuan) are two of the most famous teahouses in Beijing. They have opened a window for visitors to learn more about Beijing in the old days.

China Acrobatics
China acrobatic show has a long history which can date back to Neolithic times. It is said that acrobatics came from people's labor and self-defense skills. As the world economy developed, acrobatics was also developed into a kind of performance art. Now acrobatics has became a well-known performing arts worldwide.

A feast under water
Beijing Aquarium brings you into a fairyland people can sit on either of a two-level dining area, chewing tasty food while enjoying the view of divers swimming amid eight different kinds of vicious-looking sharks behind the 18-meter-long glass of a huge tank. The dinning area in the shark section, covering 400 square meters in total ,seat about 40 people.

Sing a song and sing along
Karaoke is an entertainment for people of all ages, from young kids to the old nannies. It is also a good way to mix with others , either your business partners or your colleagues. The rule is that everybody has to sing!and it is where the fun of this entertainment lies in karaoke clubs. You will find thick albums of song menus in every private rooms in which you can find thousands of songs not only in Mandarin , but in English ,Japanese and Cantonese as well.

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