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Major Hotels & Resorts in Miyun

Name Grade Address Telephone
Lingxiu Garden ★★ Yaoqiaoyun Reservoir 81021909
Maximu Resort ★★★ Xiwengzhuang Village 69015611
Miyun Reservoir ★★★ Jingdulukou,Xiwengzhuang 69016226
Minghu Villa   South edge of Miyun Reservoir 69016226
Nanfeng Hotel ★★ No.1 South Street,Drum Tower 69089899
Qinglianggu Villa   Sihetang, Shicheng Town 69015208
Ruihaimu Resort ★★★★★ No.2, Xidaqiao Road 89098888
Shangshauicheng Resort   Simatai Village, Gubeikou 69035122
Shihao International Hotel ★★★★★ No.25, Drum Town Street 69086666
Central Sunny Hotel ★★★★ No.26, Binghe Road 89098888
Taoyuan Xiangu Resort Taoyuanxiangu, Nanshicheng 61025977
Wenjinshaibo International Hotel ★★★ No.46, Beinghe Road 89088333
Wuling Villa ★★★ North edge of Yaoqiaoyu 81022489
Xinyuanfuyuan Hotel   No.27 East Street, Drum Tower 69098888
Yanshan Hotel ★★ No.36 Xinzhong Street 69040010
Yulongdongfanghong Hotel ★★★★ Yangshan Village, Mujiayu 61056588
Yuanyang Hotel ★★ Xiwengzhuang Village 69016966
Moon Lake Resort Caojia Road,Xinchengzi Town 81020508
Yunfoshan Resort ★★★ Xiwengzhuang Town 89032255
Yunhu Resort ★★★ West side of Miyun Reservoir 61021990
Yunwu Villa ★★★ West of Chaobai River Dam 69011339
Yunshui Jianguo Holiday Hotel ★★ No.5 West Street, Drum Tower 69086622
Zhangyu Aifei Castle   Dongbaiyan Village 89092999

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