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Plan your Hangzhou tour? Welcome to my hometown. East West Home’s Best. Wherever I drift in the world, Hangzhou  my hometown will always linger in my mind. Her progress, her setback and her success hit me up all the time.

Today I’m overwhelmed by the exciting news coming from Paris that Hangzhou West Lake Cultural landscape was listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site on June 24, 2011 during the the 35th World Heritage Conference held in Paris.

Of all the namesake “west lakes” in China, Hangzhou’s West Lake  is definitely considered as the best in terms of natural landscape and cultural relics. Xian is famous for its historical relics – the terra-cotta warriors. Guilin is well known for its landscape – Li River. Hangzhou is noted both for its landscape (West lake) and rich cultural history ( the capital of Southern Song Dyansty 1127–1279).

So Hangzhou’s fame comes from both its natural and man-made beauty as well.

Hangzhou is a garden city which layout is set proportionally and dimentionally into three parts – Hills on its thee sides, West Lake in the middle and Lake and the City in the south, verdant hills and green waters, and beautiful city!

An ancient saying goes like that “Paradise in the heaven, on earth Suzhou and Hangzhou”. Hangzhou has long been regarded as the Paradise on earth.  After its inscription in World Heritage, Hangzhou is ready to welcome more and more people from all corners of the world to enjoy its beauty in the human paradise.

Next time if you plan your China Tour, do consider including  Hangzhou tour  in your travel schedule, a place which will touch your heart and enrich your life.

  The World Famous Longji Tea Plantation

The World Famous Longji Tea Plantation
A foggy West Lake
A Foggy West Lake


The Grottoes on the Flying Peak in Hangzhou


The Grottoes on the Flying Peak in Hangzhou


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