World Horticulture Exposition Garden in Kunming

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 Kunming’s World Horticulture Exposition Garden is a Must-Visit Tourist Spot

Flora at it best at Kunming’s World Horticulture Exposition Garden

Kunming is known for its cultural diversity. However, it is also known for being a sanctuary for plants and animals. Since 1999, the city has preserved an area that is today known as the Kunming World Horticulture Exposition Garden which has become one of the biggest and the most famous places in the city.

It has been created in an area of almost 220 hectares and houses hundreds of thousands of plants and flowers. The garden also preserves at least 112 rare species of plants. It has won numerous awards and accolades including multiple Guinness world records.

What Makes Kunming’s World Horticulture Exposition Garden so Spectacular?

In 1999, World Horticulture exposition was held in Kunming at a place that is today known as one of the most popular sites of visit in Kunming City. The Kunming World Horticulture Exposition Garden is located 2.5 miles from downtown Kunming. It is the best preserved site of World Expos in history and has an area of almost two hundred and twenty hectares which is again divided into five major sections. More than three quarters of this area is covered with vegetation.

During the World Exposition, this beautiful botanical haven claimed eight Guinness records. These include records set for being the largest area of construction for a place of its kind, showcasing the most variety of plants in one place at one time, completing the construction of the garden in the fastest span of time and for having the largest scale of connected greenhouses.


Human and Nature Exhibition Hall at Kunming’s World Horticulture Exposition Garden


Also, the garden has received the Guinness records for transplanting the largest cypress tree and showcasing the greatest variety of bamboos. It houses more than two million trees and flowers which comprise of 2,251 species, including 112 endangered ones. There are seven theme gardens. The exhibition area is divided into three major sections.


International Exhibition Hall at Kunming’s World Horticulture Exposition Garden


But this is not all; the garden has received accolades for showing the best horticulture and gardening craftsmanship. This has been the same way for more than ten years now. To ensure that the visitors are nothing short of “blown away”, the builders also included artificial bluff and stone carvings which are incredible works of art.


China Hall at Kunming’s World Horticulture Exposition Garden


All these features have established the World Horticulture Expo Garden as a prime tourist spot of Kunming. Its popularity has not diminished in the years gone by and it has now become a perfect spot to study the myriad flora fauna of the country along with the culture that shines through it all every now and then. It has become a legacy of a world class level today.


Technological Hall at Kunming’s World Horticulture Exposition Garden


If you plan to study abroad in Kunming, there is a lot to look forward to. Kunming is not only the capital of Yunnan Province but also has been dubbed as the cultural capital of China. This is the capital of a province which is home to fifty one out of the fifty two minority ethnic communities. Kunming City has become a hub for summer programs for high school students, gap year jobs and student exchange programs.

This is because Kunming has a lot to offer. The city lies at the center of all cultural and historical sites. Chinese language programs in Kunming will take you to sites where the oldest dinosaurs have been found and also the oldest civilizations. It has a temperate climate that makes travelling to the city extremely convenient. Hence it is also the site where a


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