Mile County is a Growing Popular Destination in China


Mile County is another place in the vicinity of Kunming that offers a huge variety to people traveling in China. This is a popular destination among tourists and students alike because of the myriad reflections of the country that it exhibits. The county boasts of religious places as well as ones of tourist interest. It has recently gained popularity and has been able to retain diminishing cultural traditions in the light of enhanced interest amongst the international community. 

Attractions in Mile

 If students are in China on gap year programs or enrolled with any kind of student exchange program, then Kunming is the place to be. Kunming is the cultural capital of the country which has almost all of the minority communities thriving in it. However, Kunming is not only the best place to be for study overseas because it offers a comprehensive insight into the Chinese culture, but for other reasons as well. The other important factor that makes Kunming an ideal destination for Chinese language programs and China tours is its vicinity to a number of places that add to the variety in the travelers’ itinerary.  

One such place that comprises of a number of places of interest is the Mile County. Located 89 miles from Kunming, this county has become a major tourist hub in south eastern Yunnan. It is most famous for its hot springs that have lured in tourists from far and wide. Mile is also a place that is home to many ethnic groups. In fact 42% of the population is comprised of these groups. This has affected the overall lifestyle and has resulted in a variety of places of interest.  

Hot Spring Resort in Mile County


The first place worth mentioning is the Keyi Yi culture ecological village. This village is the place of the origin of “Axi Tiaoque”, which is one of the most famous folk dances in China. The village has become a popular destination for all the visitors because of its easy accessibility and also because its ethnically exotic. It offers different cultural experiences and has in fact revived many of the dying traditions in light of the newly found popularity. All those who seek an immersive cultural experience will find Keyi Yi their ideal destination.  

Anxi Tiaoyue, one of the most famous folk dances in China


Then there is the Western Ecological Vineyard that is sprawled across ten thousand acres of land. This vineyard is the largest of its kind in Southern China. It exhibits the process of making wine from grapes as the French missionaries taught the Chinese hundreds of years ago. One can see the whole ongoing process of wine making which is an exciting experience.

Wine at Mile County

  Another popular attraction is the Yinpin Shan or the Silver Screen Mountain that is barely a few miles from the county. This is the mountain that boasts of one of the tallest statues of Buddha’s descendents. There is a 19.99 meter high statue of Maitreya which has been recently installed. According to Mahayana Buddhism, Maitreya was the successor of Lord Buddha. This is also a religious site that is set in lush greenery. The name Mile comes from the translation of the word Maitreya from Sanskrit to Chinese. Another major attraction of the place is the White Dragon Cave Scenic spot that harbors the tomb of the famous scholar Sun Ranweng. It also is set on an expansive area of over 21 million square feet.  With all these places in the itinerary, a trip to Mile becomes ideal for travelers of all ages and backgrounds, and therefore has become a regular destination for summer programs for high school students and also for students and tourists throughout the year.

A 19.99 meter high statue of Maitrey at Mile County

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