Qutang Gorge – The Three Gorges, Yangtze River

We have just sailed across Qutang Gorge, the first gorge of the Three Gorges on Yangtze River. Of all the Three Gorges, Qutang Gorge is the shortest, but the most majestic.

Also known as Kui Gorge, Qutang Gorge is very narrow with its narrowest point at 100 meters. The passage through the 8km gorge only takes about 20 minutes starting from Baidicheng (白帝城) of Fengjie County to Daxizhen (大溪镇) of Wushan County.

Last night our riverboat – Victoria Jenna docked at the port of Fengjie. This morning I waked up and caught a late sunrise over the gorge.

This morning I waked up and caught a late sunrise over the gorge.
Now we are leaving Fengjie County. Fengjie County is a 2000-year old city. Its ancient city has been submerged due to the construction of the Three Gorge Dam and now is under water. What we see is the new Fengjie City, 5 sizes of the old one.
Now we are leaving Fengjie County.
Very soon we pass over Baidicheng (White Emperor City), the starting point for Qutang Gorge. The Baidicheng is an ancient temple complex located atop a hill which has now become an small Isaland due to the rise of the water level. There is a bridge linking the bank with the island.

The southwest entrance of Qutang Gorge is also called Kui Gate, or Qutang Pass as two peaks soaring above the horizon – Chijia Mountain In the north and Baiyan Mountain in the south. I’m now at the bow on the 6th deck trying to find a good point for shooting. The deck is teemed with passengersam with various kids of cameras ready for taking the pictures of Qutang Gorge.

Now we are entering the Qutang Gorge! On your lest side is Chijia Mountain and your right side is Baiyang Mountain, hence a steep pass formed – Kui Gate.

Qutang Gorge 1
Qutang Gorge 2
Qutang Gorge 3
Qutang Gorge 4
Then I walk to the stern to avoid the crowd. There are only a few people there. It is advisable to take photos at the stern instead of the bow. Or you may choose both of them.
Qutang Gorge from stern 1
Qutang Gorge from stern 2
Back to my own room and catch a picture.
Qutang Gorge viewed from my room

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