Chengde Outdoor Winter Activities

Plan your Chendge tour? You may hesitate to visit Chengde in winter. As you know, Chengde is noted for its Mountain Resort, a trump card in Chengde attracting numerous holiday-makers in summer from all the corners of China in addition to burning joss sticks at the eight outer temples and riding horses at Mulan Weichang Grassland outside Chengde.

So any interesting things to do in winter in Chengde? Actually, there are a bunch of things worth your time including skating on the lakes in Sumer Resort, appreciating flower lanterns, bathing in hot springs and skiing. If you happen to visit Beijing in winter, a side trip to Chendge eithert by bus or train is highly recommended.

1. Skating on the lakes in Mountain Resort 

In winter you find the parts of the lakes in Mountain  Resort turned into skating surfaces as well as hockey fields for the enjoyment of the local residents and visitors.  Strap on your skates and take to the frozen surface of the lakes in Summer Resort. The Summer Resort Hockey Tournament will be held in the former imperial summer resort.

Riding a school-kid sized chair with no brakes and no steering, a kind of chair-sleds.

Chair-sled in Chengde

Playing hockey at Summer Resort in Chengde.

Playing hockey at Summer Resort in Chengde
Playing hockey at Summer Resort in Chengde

2. Dingsheng Imperial Lantern Festival

Lantern festival is a typical Chinese traditional festival which falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month, usually in February or March. It was originated in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 25) and  it has become a festival with great significance. Now it is held around China each year.

Chengde Dingsheng Imperial Lantern Festival is held in Dingsheng Cultural Industry Garden in Yuanbaoshan Scenie Area, Shuangluan District, Chgengde (承德双滦区元宝山风景区鼎盛文化产业园). It is the largest imperial lantern festival in the northern China.  The festival is open during February 01- 22.

Dingsheng Imperial Lantern Festival
Dingsheng Imperial Lantern Festival

3. Bathing in Hot Spring

There are legions of hot spring resorts in Chengde.  You may bath in the outside forest hot springs or indoor hot springs. It is cool and comfortable to soak yourself in hot springs during this winter season, an excellent way to wash off the dirt and relax your body.

Experiencing the outdoor hot spring at Longhua Fengshui Bay Hot Spring Resort (隆化枫水湾温泉度假村).

 Longhua Bay Hot Spring Resort
Longhua Bay Hot Spring Resort

Soak in an indoor hot spring resort

Soak in an indoor hot spring resort
Soak in an indoor hot spring resort

4. Skiing at Chengde No.01 Ski Resort 

Chengde Baoyuanshan Ski Resort ( 承德元宝山滑雪场 ) has a good location, only 2 km away from the center of Chengde. It has 5 totally trails including 3 advanced (1700 meters), one intermediate (150 meters ) and  one primary level (100 meters).

Every trail is equipped with a good snow–made system. Each year a juvenile ski tournament will be held at the ski resort.

Skiing at Baoyuanshan Ski Resort
Skiing at Baoyuanshan Ski Resort

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