How to Visit South Putuo Temple Xiamen

Plan your Xiamen Tour? A buddhist temple to Chinese people resembles a church to western people. A visit to a local temple helps you uderstand the local life and culture.

Xiamen has a few beautiful temples and the most famous one is South Putuo Temple, such named because the temple is located to the south of the Putuo in Zhejiang, the site for worshipping the Bodhisattva Guanyin.

South Putuo Temple is both close to the Gulangyu Island Ferry Terminal and Xiamen University on the slope of the picturesque Wulao Peaks. Entrance ticket: Free of Charge. You may take bus 1,15,21,45, 841,and 959 from downtown Xiamen to Putuo Temple.

South Putuo Temple is an active temple with over 200 monks. Everyday a huge number of visitors flood the place to worship the Budddha and Bodhisattva Guanyin.

South Putuo Temple was first built in Tang Dynasty (618 – 907). Later its name was changed for several times. In the early Qing Dynasty (1644 -1911), the general Shi Liang allocated funds to rebuild the temple, where the Bodhisattva Guanyin was mainly worshipped.
He named the temple South Putuo Temple due to the location south of Putuo Island in Zhejiang. The temple was seriously destroyed during the Cultural Revolution in 1960s. The temple underwent huge renovation in the 1980s.

South Putuo Temple is mainly composed of three halls and one garret – the Hall of Heavenly Kings, Mahavira Hall, the Hall of Great Mercy and the Buddhist Scripture Garret. Four heavenly kings are shrined inside the Hall of Heavenly Kings.Mahavira Hall is the central building of the South Putuo Temple, a sacred place for worshipping Sakyamuni Buddha, Bhaishajyaguru and Amitabha, Ganyin and Mahasthamaprapta.

The Hall of Great Mercy is dedicated to Guanyin with one thousand hands. It was originally built in the early Qing Dnasty. It is an octagon shaped structure. The Buddhist Scripture Garret is a two-storey building perched on the highest place along the axis in the temple.

The Buddhist Institute of South Fujian is inside the temple. Outside the entrance to South Putuo Temple lies Free Life Pond, two newly built Longevity Towers.

The Longevity Towers have 11 layers in the style of the Buddhist buildings of South Asia, beautifying the sight of the Temple. Vegetarian food at South Putuo Temple is very famous and enjoys a high reputation in the world.

The entrance to South Putuo Temple lies Free Life Pond, two Longevity Towers.

The entrance to South Putuo Temple lies Free Life Pond, two Longevity Towers
The entrance to South Putuo Temple lies Free Life Pond, two Longevity Towers

The the Hall of Heavenly Kings

the the Hall of Heavenly Kings
The Hall of Heavenly Kings

Mahavira Hall

Mahavira Hall
Mahavira Hall

The Hall of Great Mercy 

he Hall of Great Mercy
The Hall of Great Mercy

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