Wu’s Courtyard Hostel, Wu Family’s Courtyard in Peitian Village


Plan your trip to Peitian Village?  The ancient Ming and Qing building complex in the Peitian Village is one of the three major kinds of vernacular Hakkak houses. The other two are Fujian Tulou (clay buildings) in Southwest Fujian and Weilong Wu (circled dragon houses) in Meizhou of east Guangdong Province.
The ancient Peitian Village is nestled in the mountainous areas by a river in Liancheng County of Longyan City in west Fujian Province. It lies 100km to the northeast of Longyan City and 300km northeast of Xiamen City. The Ming and Qing building cluster has been well preserved with a history of over 800 years.
The ancient building comlex includes 30 grand houses, 21 ancestral halls, 6 academies of classical learning, 2 memorial archways, and a 1000- meter long ancient street cobblestones paved road.
For more information on Peitian Village, please see my trip report on Peitian Village. For me, Peitian Village is more like an idyllic manor and it takes time to feel and digest to get its inner beauty. The traditional Wu’s Courtyard Hostel is another reason for you to stay longer in the village for appriciating its pristine charm.
Wu’s Courtyard Inn is a Wu Clan old house converted hostel with beautiful setting and comfortable rooms. The rooms are clean. The food is very appealing and the service is good. Staying in the old courtyard brings you back to the years in Ming and Qing Dyansties. You will feel and touch the Chinese History in the past 800 years.
The Open Square in front of the main entrance to the Wu’s Courtyard

 The Brick Archway Entrance to Wu’s Courtyard 
The Brick Archway Entrance to Wu's Courtyard Inn
 Inside the patio of Wu’s Courtyard 
Inside the spacious patio of Wu's Courtyard
The Ancestral hall 
The Ancestral hall
All the rooms are in the side courtyards of Wu’s Courtyard. 
All the rooms are in the side courtyards of Wu's Courtyard
King-sized room 
King-size room
Twin Room 
A twin rooom
Booking informtion for Wu’s Courtyard
Owner: Mr.Wu Xiaohui
Mobile: 13859553790
Tel:0597 – 8388889
Or you may contact http://www.tour-beijing.com/fujian_tulou_tour for Peitian Village Package Booking
The Open Place in front of Wu's Courtyard Hostel

4 thoughts on “Wu’s Courtyard Hostel, Wu Family’s Courtyard in Peitian Village

  1. What is the room rate for king-size room with 2 breakfast?
    Is there room available for 11 Mar 2012?

  2. Sorry, wo don’t offer hotel booking for Wu’s Courtyard Hostel, please contact them directly:

    Owner: Mr.Wu Xiaohui
    Mobile: 13859553790
    Tel:0597 – 8388889

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