Where and what to buy in Lanzhou


Lanzhou is one of the best places to pick up some local products and handcrafts during your short trip. You may what local products and handcrafts Lanzhou has. Well, I have summed up some of the popular local products in Lanzhou below for your reference:
1. Lily
Lanzhou produces very good lilies, sweet and thick, highly therapeutic and precious.
2. Bailan melon
The Bailan melon is a locally famous type of melon grown near Lanzhou. The melons were said to be introduced to China by a Mr. Wallace, Vice president of the United States, who donated melon seeds to the locals while visiting in the 1940s.
3. Roses
Lanzhou people have a long history of growing roses. Lanzhou’s Kushui Township in Yongdeng County grows the best roses in China. The reserve of rose-oil is in the first place. It can be about 80% of Chinese output.
4. Apricot
Of the all fruits Lanzhou produces, apricots in Lanzhou are considered one of the best local fruits with over 20 species. The local apricots are not only served as eatible fruits, they are alos used by Chinese medicine and industry.
5. Aweto (Chinese herbal medicines)
Its name in Chinese dong chong xia cao  means “winter worm, summer grass”. Many shops in downtown Lanzhou advertise Dong chong xia cao – Aweto.
6. water pipe smoke
During ing Dynasty ( 1644 -1911), the  water-pipe tobacco, near Lanzhou, became something of a fad among the locals. Now many Lanzhou people still keep the tradition of water pipe smoking. It is said that water pipe smoking is good for health, helping digest, cooling…
7. Ceramic Pan
The earthenware pot is very famous in China. It is a practical kitchen appliance, cooking rice porridge, fried eggs…
8.  ‎Nesting vase
It is a kind of arts of glassware in Lanzhou. It has a history of over 100 years dating back to the end of Qing Dynasty.
9.  Handicraft
Paper-cut designs, scent bags, Yellow River windmills, shadow puppets show and Taiping drums are very typical handicrafts in Lanzhou and other parts of Gansu Province. 
There are many shopping streets in the city of Lanzhou. The best places to do shopping are ZHangye Pedestrian Street and Chenghuang Miao Antique Market.
What Zhangye Pedestrain Street is to Lanzhou is similar to what Wangfujing Street to Beijing. It is a famous pedestrian street in Lanzhou. This commercial road has a long history with rich cultural heritage dating back to Song Dynasty ( 960-1276 ). It was the main avenue in the ancient walled city during the reign of Song Dynasty.

Lanzhou Shopping, Zhengye Pedestrian Street
Lanzhou Chenghuang Miao Antique Market is not to be missed, located in the north side of the miidle section of Zhangye Road ( No.224, Zhangye Road ). The Town God Temple turned antique market gathers all kinds of ancient arts and crafts, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy and antiques collected from the non-governmental circles.

Lanzhou Antique Market

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