Tengchong is the Hot Springs Haven in China

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Visiting Tengchong for a Refreshing Experience

 When you visit the Yunnan province in China, some of the finest destinations in the province make it an even more ideal spot for study abroad programs. One of the counties that lie in Yunnan is Tengchong which is by far one of the most beautiful places in the country. The county comprises of regions with geothermal activity which have resulted in its unique resources and abundant natural heritage in the form of rare plant and animal species. It is a famous getaway spot in China today.  

What Makes Tengchong a Must-Visit Destination 

The Tengchong county of China provides a tourist or a study abroad student an enigmatic view of the country that is unlike anywhere else. Lying amidst the mountains, this is a quaint city with majestic natural beauty and scenic spots that comprise of natural hot springs.  

The county is home to more than 97 dormant volcanoes. It has a population of more than 490,000 and consists of more than 10 ethnic groups residing here. Students of botany, life sciences and even geology will be intrigued by the abundance of “subjects” to study here. 

Tengchong is home to more than 97 dormant volcanoes

There are more than 2000 rare plant species. More than one third of the county’s land is covered with plantations of a huge variety. This is why China tour and study abroad programs to the Tengchong  have become popular. It has also become a hub for tourists who come from all over the world to visit the natural beauty that reigns here.

There are more than 2000 rare plant species. 

There are more than 2000 rare plant species

There is a region which has been named as “The Hot Sea”. It is an area of 8 sq km which has abundant hot springs. It is only one of the three major places in Tengchong which boast of the abundance of geothermal resources. Hence it is also called the “Geothermal Museum”. Nowhere else in China in any of the other geothermal regions is the temperature, pressure or the components of the hot springs more perfect. The Big Boiling Pot is a geostructure as the name suggests, like a big pot. The name has been derived from an unfortunate accident when a bull that was grazing on the slope of this earthy pot fell right into it and the hot water consumed it entirely. However today the area has been secured and is also being used as a major tourist place, and more importantly, a rehabilitation center. The waters here have the right constituents and mineral contents. 

Hot Springs are everywhere in Tengchong 

Hot Springs are everywhere in Tengchong


 This natural abundance is not all that there is to Tengchong. China tour will include more beautiful and elegant places and among them is the beautiful Heshun town. It has been called the “Most Charming Township in China”. It is a small township that has evolved from a village that lies on the bank of a river. The town is known to be the home town of the Oversea Chinese. Its community comprises of families whose members are settled across the globe in Asia, Europe and the Americas. This is coupled by the Behai Wetlands which comprise of a 1600 hectare region that serves as a natural reservoir. All these features put together make Tengchong an ideal destination for Chinese summer programes.The beautiful ancient Heshun town in Tengchong

The beautiful ancient Heshun town in Tengchong


One of the major attractions of Tengchong is its geothermal resources collective. All those doing gap year jobs in China can take a break and visit Tengchong County for a relaxing time-out. There are natural spas here that have been created out of the raging geothermal energy that the region produces.

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