Here Comes the Chinese New Year 2012!


With the deafening blasts of fireworks and firecrackers all surrounding me, here comes the Chinese new year 2012, the year of dragon. China has a long tradition of playing firecrakers and fireworks in a hope to wipe off the bad luck from the past year and ushers in good fortune and prosperity in the new year.
Tonight is the new year’s eve when people in Beijing can set off firecrackers all night. But from Tomorrow till Lantern Festival (Feb 06, 2012), Setting off of firecrackers is only allowed till midnight.
I feel this new year has seen a bit less fireworks and firecrackers letting off, partly due to the hardened sense of environment protection as well as the efforts made by environment protction organizations advocating a green spring festival.
But the common consensus is that without fireworks or firecrackers there will little festival atmosphere. So very often we cannot go extreme, either no fireworks or no limited letting off of fireworks.  


Fireworks A1
Fireworks A2
Fireworks A3

Fireworks 2
fireworks 3
fireworks 4
fireworks 5
fireworks 6
Lit lanterns in our community
Festively Decorated Entrance to our unit of the apartment building.
Festively Decorated Entrance to our unit of the apartment building

Fireworks 1

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