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Shanghai Taxi Quantity
At the time of my writing,  
Shanghai has about 48,000 legitimate taxis with over 50 taxi companies, big or small. Of all the taxi companies, Dazhong, Qiangsheng and Jingjiang are most powerful in terms of taxi number and taxi service. They are highly recommneded when you are going to take a taxi in Shanghai. The present taxi quantity in Shanghai is able to meet the market demand in most cases.  So, it is not difficult to hail a taxi on the streets in Shanghai

Last year it was reported that there were also a great number of “black taxis” in
Shanghai, surprisingly twice the number of the legal taxis! The cases of taxi service complaint about the “black taxis) have been rising recently. The reasons behind the existing black taxis are plentiful and deep-rooted. This phenomenon will not disappeared in one night due to its sophisticated social problems involved. So be mindful of these black cabs. One thing to protect yourself is to ask for fapiqo (receipt) when you get to your destination. Black taxi drivers only can offer you handwriting receipt instead of printed one provided by legal taxis.
Taxi Models in Shanghai
The main two models of the taxis in
Shanghai are Santana 3000 model, and Zhijun.

Dazhong Taxi: sky blue
Qiangshen taxi: yellow
Jingjiang taxi: white
Keqing Taxi: brown
Blue Union Taxi: Blue
 In addition, there are about 30 kinds of taxis run by self-employed taxis. They are:
Passat, Junjie,, Accord Kia,  Mazda M6, Elantra, Buick, Crosse, Geely, Red Flag, etc..


Taxi Colours in Shanghai
Each taxi company has its own taxi colour. The most powerful three taxi companies – Dazhong, Qiansheng and Jingjiang are coloured blue, yellow and white respectively.
Dazhong Taxi: blue – the largest taxi company in Shanghai. The drivers are very professional.
Qiansheng Taxi: yellow – the service they provide is also professional.
Jingjiang Taxi: white – The service is average. But the driver of Jingjiang are more familiar with the roads and the city.
Shanghai Taxi Fares
•RMB 12 just for getting in for 3km within 10 km
•RMB 3.6 charged beyond 10km
Minnight 11:00 pm – 06:30am
•RMB 3.1 just for getting in for 3km within 10
•RMB 4.1 charged beyond 10km
Waiting in a traffic jam or for the lights to turn green, it is charged as 1 kilometer per 5 minutes.
•No tipping for
Shanghai taxi.
Shanghai major Taxi Company Bookings Hotlines:
At present, there is no general taxi calling center in
For taxi calling, you have to contact each individual taxi company.
Please check the following taxi companies for your reference:
Dazhong: 021-96822
Qiangsheng: 021-62580000
Jinjiang: 021-96961
Bashi: 021-96840
Haibo: 021-96965  

Shanghai Fengxian Auto Taxi: 37188499
Shanghai Nanhui Taxi: 68014573
Shanghai Dazhong Taxi: 57261677
Shanghai Baoshan Taxi: 57746084
Fengxian Automotive Service: 57102488–0
Chongming Shanghai Dazhong Taxi: 59617880
Shanghai Jiai Taxi: 63130514
Shanghai Civil Defense Taxi: 64101761
Shanghai Construction Taxi: 65919411
Prism Light Industrial Taxi: 54092540
Shanghai Industrial Development Centre: 63083216
Taxi Company Oriental Products 728 South Road, 62509794
Qingyu Shanghai Automotive: 54113855
Gong Xiao Automotive Service Corporation: 63807020
Peace Auto Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai 639 Huashan Road, No. 62487346
Car Rental Co., Ltd. Shanghai: 64706662
Shanghai Daming: 63083624
Global Taxi Service Company: 56778728
Shilong Shanghai: 54351217
Shanghai China United Taxi: 56302920
Yinbin Taxi: 63180520
Union Auto Service: 56509411
Shanghai Hai An Road Light Travel Agent, Room 203, 231 64047401
Shanghai NGS Taxi: 62262138
World Travel Service: 64834401
New Asia Co., Ltd. Shanghai Dazhong Taxi: 56771776 598 
Foreign Car Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai: 63216141
Qiangshen Group: 62151515
China CYTS Shanghai Automotive Service Company: 54352610
Yangtze River Travel Company: 63229091
Shanghai Jinjiang International Travel: 64568730
Taxi Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yixian: 65617928
Shanghai Nanyang Automobile Service: 64270820
Shanghai Wenhui Xinmin car service: 56777694
Shanghai Greenland: 52600503
Shanghai Textile transport services: 58606791
Green Taxi Service: 52177369
The Shanghai Taxi Co: 64060698
Shanghai Liberation Taxi Company: 64877228 

Hailing a Taxi  in the city of Shanghai
• Hotels, Scenic Spots, Historial Sites, commercial streets, Airport and Train Station are the right places to take a taxi.
• It is not difficult to hail a taxi on the streets. be mindful of “black taxis”.
Shanghai Taxi riders’rights
As a taxi rider,, you have the rights as below:
Direct driving to your destination without any compulsory car pooling
Go to any place in and beyond Shangahi
Your car driver should know the streets in Shanghai and the road to major places in Shanghai
Your driver should know and abide by all the local traffic laws
Air-conditioning on demand
A radio-free trip
No Smoking
A clean passenger seat area
A clean trunk
A driver uses the horn only when necessary to warn of danger
No Tipping
Shanghai Taxi Stands

There are many taxi stands in
Shanghai. You are highly advised to hail a taxi within a taxi stand. There are some streets and places in Shanghai where you must use a taxi stand to hail a taxi, like the road by the Bund, Donglu 1 of Zhongshan Road, Beijing Donglu. Sichuan Zhonglu and many more.
Shanghai Taxi Complaints
If you ever have any problems with a 
Shanghai Taxi, contact the phone number below:
Taxi Supervition: 962000
Police: 110
Shanghai Taxi Useful Information
•Using a meter instead of bargaining with your taxi driver
•Say no to a forced pooling taxi
•Estimated taxi fares for the often used taxi service in
Shanghai Pudong Airport – Shanghai Downtown: RMB 120-150
Shangahi Hongqiao Airport –Shanghai Downtown RMB 80-100
Shanghai – Suzhou RMB 300
Shanghai – Hangzhou RMB 400
Shanghai Travel Service & Information
Shanghai Tour

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  1. Can you tell me what price to roughly pay for a taxi from Cruise Ship at Boashan terminal to The Bund Hotel Shanghai?

  2. about 21km from Cruise Ship baoshan to your hotel hotel at the Buns, the taix ride costs approx. RMB100. Have a nice trip!

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