When is the best time to visit Silk Road in China?

“Nang”, a kind of Xinjiang bread

Plan your  China Silk Road Tour? The Silk Road is the most well-known trading route of ancient Chinese civilization.

The Silk Road started in the ancient city Chang’an (Xian), passed Tianshui, Lanzhou, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang Mogao Caves and Loulan ancient city, then at last reach Xinjiang.

As a major tourist route in Northwest China, the infrastructure of the  Silk Road is improving after ten years of development and construction. It has become an attractive theme tour route in many of the tourism products.
The months of May and October are the best time to travel the Silk Road. The scenery is most beautiful and the weather is comfortable during this time. The summer can be extremely hot.

The winter is freezing. During May, the average temperature along the route is around 15C. The scenery is most beautiful during May. The accumulated winter snow on the tableland is melting.

The grass is turning green. Visitors can enjoy this enchanting scenery without suffering extreme temperatures.

Weather in major cities along the Silk Road:
Urumqi has an arid continental climate with short Spring and Autumn, and comparatively long Summer and Winter. July, August and September are the best time for tourists to visit.
The climate in 
Xining is characterized as having an arid climate with little rain and has plenty of sunshine; it is dry and windy in spring, and has a short summer season and a long and cold winter. The best time to visit Xining is from May to September.
Yinchuan has a temperate continental climate, lacking in rainfall but with plenty of sunshine. The temperature difference between day and night is quite large. The best time to visit Yinchuan is from May to October.
Located inland, 
Lanzhou is a typical temperate, semi-arid continental monsoon climate. It is dry with sufficient sunshine. The best season may be from May to October when the temperature is most suitable.
Xian has a continental monsoon climate, with four separate seasons: a warm but uncertain spring, a torrid and wet summer, a cool and rainy autumn and a dry and cold winter.

April and May, September and October are the ideal time to visit Xian.

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