Chinese New Year 2011 Beijing (1), Events and Activities Beijing Spring Festival 2011

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The date of Chinese New Year 2011 ( Feb 03, 2011)
The exact date for Chinese new year ( or popularly called 
Spring Festival ) is not fixed, normally falls between late Jan and early Feb each year. Each year the lunar and solar calendars are referenced to fix the date. This year 2011’s Chinese new year day falls on Feb 3, 2011.
The “Chinese Zodiac” has a cycle of 12 animals, and 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, or Hare. 
Chinese New Year Duration ( Feb 03 – 17, 2011)
The official paid day off for the Chinese new year (
Spring Festival) is 3 days. But The government makes it a 7-day holiday by moving the prior weekend and the upcoming one together with these 3 days, which totals a 7 day holiday. This is the Chinese government’s “holiday economy” policy, or “Golden Week” Policy. During the 7 day holiday, people learn to relax, travel and loosen their wallets, greatly boosting the local economy.
So this year Chinese New Year holiday lasts 7 days Feb 02 – Feb 9, 2011. But the traditional spring festival celebration of the Chinese New Year lasts 15 days starting from the first day of the Chinese lunar new year (Feb 03, 2011) till Lantern Festival (Feb 17, 2011).
So, the Chinese New Year comes to an end when the Lantern Festival sets in ( this year falls on Feb 17, 2011).
Things to do in the days before New Year Eve in Beijing
In the days prior to the New Year Eve ( Feb 02, 2011 this year’s Spring Festival ), People return home for family reunion, clean their houses, buy new outfits and have their hair cut. A big meal is prepared for the new year Eve with plentiful dishes. After dinner, fireworks and firecrackers will be played to ward off the bad luck and usher in the new year.
Beijing is allowed to fire firework and firecrackers. If you happen to travel Beijing on the new year’eve, you will see the beautifully lit skyline made by the firewarks everywhere in the city of Beijing. The sound of the fireworks and firecrackers will last all night for the new year eve.
Temple Fairs held in each district and county in Beijing 2011
Name of District
16th Ditan Temple Fare
Feb 2-9,2011
Ditan Park
Snack, Performance
28th Longtan Temple Fare
Feb 2-9,2011
Longtan Park
Snack, Performance
5th Community Folk Temple Fair
Feb 2-9,2011
Culture and ports Center of Changyangmen Community
Folk Temple Fair
Changdian Temple Fair
Feb 2-17,2011
Dongxi Liulichang Street
Snack, Performance
Red Mansion Temple Fair
Feb 2-17,2011
Grand View Park
Old Costumes, folk performance and intangible cultural show
Beihai Culture Festival
Feb 2-17,2011
Beihai Park
performance and snacks
Suzhou Street Summer Palace
Feb 2-7,2011
Suzhou Street, Summer Palace
Suzhou Street Spring Festival Lanterns
Longquan Si Temple Fair
Feb 2-17,2011
Longquan Temple of Fenghuangling
Pray for the new year at Longquan Temple
6th Caoyun Temple Fair at Gaobeidian
Jan 26-Feb 01,2011
Huansheng Tianqiao Folk Threater
Tianqiao skills, folk flower, Beijing snack
Panjiayua Flee Market Temple Fair
Feb 2-9, 2011
Panjiayuan Flee Market
acrobatics and snacks
Honglu Hot Spring Flower Lantern Festival
Jan 22 – Feb 7, 2011
Honglu Shanzhuang Spa Resort, Xiaotangshan
flower lantern, games, food and folk activities
10th Beijing “Foreign Temple Fair”
Feb 3-9, 2011
Shijingshan Amusement Park
Western stuff, western music, taste western food, see western views
Temple Fair at Beijing Sculpture Park2010北京
Feb 2-9, 2011
International Sculpture Park, Shijingshan
games, snack, and acrobatics show
Sanjiao Temple Fair
Feb 3-8, 2011
Sanjiao Temple(Dachengjie 1, Tongzhou
exhibits, art performance and folk games
Stay for the new year eve and have a folk new year
Feb 2-17,2011
Liugong Folk Village and Zuojiaying Folk Village
stilt-walking,doing the yangko dance,

Sedan chair lifting, writing spring couplets, posting spring couplets, the paper-cut for window decoration, making jiaozi, firing fireworks

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