Beijing is empty one day before the Chinese new year


Today is Feb 02, 2011, one day before the Chinese new year 2011 starts. As usual, this morning I pass over the flyover at 8:00am on my way to office since I’m on duty today. I’m not surprised to find the traffic below is empty due to most of the local residents stay at home waiting for the new year and the migrant workers going home.
Don’t see any crowds or traffic conjestion at the “rush hour” of 8:00am. Everywhere is so quite! What a day! Yes, 2011 Chinese New Year starts this evening – Chinese New Year’eve. It is a kind of tranquility beofore a big “battle” – Eating, drinking, talking, CCTV gala and fireworks! Tonight, the whole world is focused on China!
Little traffic on the street at 8:00am, Feb 02, 2011
Little business for the breakfast vendor
On the way back home, I see people buying fireworks at a fireworks retailor outlet.
Fruis and firecrackers at the vegetable market.

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