Look for the official and reliable taxis in Beijing


Once you are in the city of Beijing for sightseeing, you are advised not to use the taxis that are parked or outside some big tourist places.  These are where the taxi scammers will wait for you! It ‘s better to walk a few blocks away, and hail a cab.
There are many illegal taxis in Beijing. These black taxis are disguised as official ones with fake signs and meter. Fake taxi drivers cheat passengers in various ways. They detour or don’t use meters. Instead, they bargain with you for a taxi ride.
Then how to recognise a black taxi and find an official one? Please find below some tips:
1) The official taxi plaque number starts with the number “B”
2) Fake Cloning “Beijing B” brand of taxis in the night have no taxi light
3) On the dashboard is a placard with the drivers registration number. If this placard is missing then avoid it.
4) The official taxi should be equippped with the light on the top and meter measuring.
5) THe official taxi driver will give you a computerized printed receipt (Fapiao) after you have paid the taxi ride instead of a hand-written receipt.  In the computerized printed receipt, you can find the taxi company’s phone number while a black driver only offers you a hand-written receipt with which  you will never find him!
Beijing's traffic congestion

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