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新西兰峡湾国家公园 Fiordland National Park

One of the most dramatic and beautiful parts of New Zealand; the power of Fiordland's scenery never fails to enthral travellers.

This remarkable natural environment features stunning fiords, spectacular waterfalls and snow-capped peaks.

The location of Fiordland National Park (google)

Ancient rainforest clings impossibly to the mountains; waterfalls tumble hundreds of meters into massive fiords; shimmering lakes and granite peaks look the same today as they did a thousand years ago.

Key Highlights

A fiord is defined as a u-shaped glacier-carved valley which has been flooded by the sea. The fourteen fiords that fringe this south-west corner of the South Island were 100,000 years in the making, with the final details added during the most recent ice age just 10,000 years ago. The Maori attributed the creation of the fiords to a giant stonemason called Tute Rakiwhanoa, who hued out the steep sided valleys with his adzes.

Fiordland National Park (Image Credit: Graham Dainty/newzealand.com)

On all sides of the fiords, spectacular waterfalls tumble incessantly as the region's plentiful rainfall finds its way to the sea.

Described by Rudyard Kipling as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’, Milford Sound is always spectacular - daily scenic flights and cruises reveal its beauty to visitors.

At 421 metres, Doubtful Sound is the deepest of New Zealand’s fiords. It’s a haven for nature, with resident bottlenose dolphins, fur seals and penguins.

Top 10 things to do in Fiordland

1.Prepare to have your breath taken away with the unforgettable helicopter ride through Dusky Sound/Tamatea and Doubtful Sound/Patea. The ultimate helicopter experience in Fiordland, you’ll get to see the Sound in all its glory, being the largest and most spectacular of the fiords. With two alpine landings, you’ll have the opportunity to catch your breath and take in the beauty and solitude of the magnificent scenery.

2. Kayaking is an amazing way to experience Fiordland, allowing you to explore the quietest corners of the sounds and see rare wildlife up close. Kayaking trips in Milford Sound/Piopiotahi range from 1 hour to all day and can be included as part of an overnight boat cruise. If you want a longer escape, RealNZ kayaks offer multi-day trips through Doubtful Sound/Patea, with overnight camping in the wilderness.

3. An overnight boat cruise lets you travel deeper into Milford or Doubtful Sound. Experience the soaring peaks and immense waterways of the Sounds; spot bottle-nosed dolphins, fur seals and penguins. Your boat will anchor in a sheltered bay, where you can disembark to explore the coastline by kayak or small boat. Dinner, breakfast and a private cabin are included, and transfers are available from Te Anau or Queenstown.


4. Ata Whenua - Shadowland is a 32-minute film showcasing the landscapes for which Fiordland is famous. Simply put, it should not be missed. See untouched mountains, lakes, rivers and rainforests that can only be reached by helicopter. And if you've got time to spare, the cosy Fiordland Cinema also shows new release films, and its Black Dog Bar is the perfect place to relax after a day of adventuring.

5. A testament to its vast natural beauty, Fiordland has three of New Zealand's nine Great Walks – the Milford, Kepler and Routeburn Tracks. These walks take 3-4 days each, and hikers stay in huts or tents along the way. But you don't need to be a serious hiker to experience Fiordland on foot, there are plenty of day hikes such as Lake Marian, Key Summit and Luxmore Summit, ranging from half-day to full day-long hikes. Choose a track to suit your schedule and fitness. Walk independently, or let a guide show you the ways of the forest.

6. Whether you're into freshwater or saltwater, you'll find Fiordland teeming with fish. Anglers can go for Rainbow and Brown Trout on the beautiful Waiau River, which borders Fiordland National Park. Fish Jet NZ combine trout fishing with jet boating, for the ultimate day out. Saltwater fishermen and fisherwomen will enjoy the bounty of Fiordland's pristine coast, rich in blue cod, gurnard, tuna and more.

7. Located on the western shore of Lake Te Anau, the Glowworm Caves are nature's work in progress, continuously carved out by the river's force over 12,000 years. Take a scenic boat cruise across Lake Te Anau, then venture into the deep to see sculpted limestone, whirlpools and a roaring subterranean waterfall. Climb aboard a small punt to drift further into the caves, where you'll see thousands of glittering glowworms overhead. This trip with Real Journeys takes just over two hours and is suitable for all ages.

8. Many of New Zealand's rarest native bird species make their home in Fiordland, and you can see some up close and enjoy the birdsong at the Punanga Manu o Te Anau Bird Sanctuary. Meet the flightless Takahē and the Kākā, or native forest parrot.

The Fiordland Crested Penguin or Tawaki is another wee beauty, which can be found in all the fiords during breeding season – July to November. Living alongside them you'll often see the world's smallest penguins, known as Little Blue Penguins or Korora. Other local residents that you may come across are fur seals, bottlenose dolphins, and the Kea.

9. Have an ultimate Fiordland experience by scuba diving in NZ’s coral capital with spectacular scenery above and beneath you. One of the most unique dive sites in the world, the Milford Sound / Piopiotahi marine reserve is the home to the deep-water emergent black coral trees.

If you prefer not to get wet, you can still experience Milford’s underwater world and visit the Milford Sound Underwater Observatory. The underwater viewing room is found 10 metres below sea level where you can gaze at the rare black coral and learn about Milford’s history, ecology and geology.

10. Go completely off the beaten track and book a lake cruise with Hidden Hankinson. You’ll start with a private boat charter on Lake Te Anau, then go for a hike through the untouched wilderness. There will also be the opportunity to go fishing and even hand-feed native eels! ( from newzealand.com )


Fiordland: 特指新西兰的峡湾国家公园。Fiordland 一词是(挪威)斯堪的纳维亚语中表示这种陡峭峡湾的单词“fjord”的变体拼写。fjord: /fjɔːrd/ 峡湾
enthral:/ɪnˈθrɑːl/ to keep someone completely interested 迷住,使着迷;吸引住
Maori: 一般指毛利人,是新西兰的原住民和少数民族。
adze:/ædz/ 钝斧是一种古老的、用途广泛的切割工具,类似于斧头,从石器时代就开始使用了。
Milford Sound : 米尔福德峡湾(峡湾公园主要峡湾之一)
Rudyard Kipling: 约瑟夫·鲁德亚德·吉卜林(Joseph Rudyard Kipling,1865年12月31日—1936年1月18日),英国作家、诗人。
Doubtful Sound: 神奇峡湾(该公园三大峡湾之一)
bottlenose dolphins: 宽吻海豚
fur seal: 海狗(是生活在海洋里的哺乳动物,因其体型像狗,因此得名海狗
Dusky Sound: 达斯奇峡湾(三大峡湾之一)
Te Anau:新西兰蒂阿瑙小镇,位于进出米佛峡湾及峡湾国家公园的必经之地,小镇有个蒂阿瑙湖(Lake Te Anau)
Queenstown: 新西兰的皇后镇,是一个被南阿尔卑斯山包围的美丽小镇,也是一个依山傍水的美丽城市
gurnard:noun [ C or U ]/ˈɡɜ˞ː.nɚd/ 鲂鳆(一种生活在海底的鱼,可食用)




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