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北京外宾旅游】开通每日英语旅行直通车 - 提供最新环球旅行资讯,中英对照 - 丰富个人旅行体验;升级旅行企业市场和盈利模式。

每日英语旅行直通车 (Daily Travel & Tourism News 2022-5-27)



谷歌这家在线巨头对旅游业的影响是深远的。著名旅业媒体Skift 于2020年2月发布了一份深入研究谷歌对旅游业的影响的报告。仅仅几周后,世界就发生了天翻地覆的变化,COVID-19大流行的真正影响开始显现。



1. 在线旅行社能否利用疫情重置与谷歌的关系?

2. 除了在谷歌上放预订网站广告,旅游元搜索还能实现多样化吗?

3. 谷歌能把酒店品牌带进他们的元搜索平台吗?

4. 旅游专用元搜索能打败谷歌吗?

5. 在谷歌的世界里,在线旅游的未来是什么?

随着2022年旅游业的复苏,著名旅业媒体Skift 研究报告称,相信我们可以开始回答这些问题。本报告将对每个问题进行更详细的探讨,但简而言之,我们认为谷歌对旅游行业的影响在疫情期间只扩大了,该搜索平台现在牢牢地占据了旅游营销漏斗的顶部。过去十年见证了激烈的市场份额和用户增长之争。但是现在我们相信元搜索的战争正在结束;谷歌已经赢了。

谷歌办公大楼 (Image: © wolterke/ )

A Deep Dive Into Google’s Impact on Travel 2022

Travel is roaring back. And with the return of business also comes with it an old set of challenges. “What’s our Google strategy” is once again a key question that every travel executive needs to be asking.

The online behemoth’s impact is felt far and wide in the travel industry. Skift Research published a deep dive into Google’s impact on the travel industry in February 2020. Just a few weeks later the world turned upside down as the true impact of the COVID-19 pandemic hit home.

Now, over two years later, as the travel industry rebuilds, we revisit this critical topic. We identified five big open questions about the role of Google in travel that arose before and during the pandemic.

The Key Questions for Google and Metasearch

  1. Can online travel agencies use the pandemic to reset their relationships with Google?
  2. Can travel metasearch diversify away from booking site advertising?
  3. Can Google bring hotel brands onto their metasearch platform?
  4. Can travel-specific metasearch beat back Google?
  5. What is the future of online travel in a Google world?

With 2022 the year of travel’s recovery, Skift Research believes we can start to answer these questions. This report will delve into more detail on each question, but in short, we believe that Google’s influence on the travel industry has only expanded during the pandemic and the search platform is now firmly entrenched at the top of the travel marketing funnel. The last decade saw fierce battles for market share and user growth. But now we believe the metasearch wars are ending; Google has won. (from skift)


网站和移动流量分析公司SimilarWeb周四表示,旅行者预订模式依然强劲。该公司收集了Airbnb (爱彼迎)、西南航空(Southwest Airlines)和 Vrbo (Expedia旗下的短租平台)等品牌的原始数据,以及其方法论所需的估计数据。

度假租赁活动依然强劲,Airbnb 4月份的流量较2020年4月的低谷增长了239%,Vrbo的流量增长了323%。

Travelers Continue Searching Online Booking Sites in Large Numbers

Website and mobile traffic analytics firm SimilarWeb said on Thursday that traveler booking patterns remain strong. The company collects a mix of raw data from brands such as Airbnb, Southwest Airlines, and Vrbo, and estimated data for its methodology.

Vacation rental activity remains strong with Airbnb April traffic up 239 percent from the April 2020 trough and Vrbo traffic up 323 percent. (from skift)


布鲁塞尔——根据最新的《长途旅行晴雨表(LHTB) 2/2022》,该报告提供了2022年夏季(5月至8月)关于游客情绪的深度分析。几个海外客源市场对欧洲旅游的兴趣仍然低于疫情前的水平,不过,与一年前相比略有改善。

来自欧洲旅行委员会(ETC)和欧洲铁路公司(Eurail BV)的LHTB报告,每4个月调查六个海外市场的旅行意向——巴西、加拿大、中国、日本、俄罗斯和美国。旅游意愿的衡量指标是一个反映市场主要情绪的指数,或积极或消极。指数高于100点表明在一定时期内对旅游的态度有积极的变化,而低于100点则表明对旅游的态度有消极的变化。

虽然俄乌危机冲突给欧洲旅游行业增加了新的挑战, 它似乎在大多数长途旅行市场(除了俄罗斯和中国), 对旅游情绪影响是有限,大部分的受访者(76%)说, 冲突并没有影响他们的旅行意愿。结果显示,对COVID-19的担忧、与旅行相关的费用以及缺乏便捷的旅行连接是今年夏天长途旅行的主要阻碍。

在LHTB报告出版之后,欧洲旅行委员会主席Luís Araújo说:“欧洲旅行委员会很高兴看到,随着世界继续从大流行中恢复,长途旅行的情绪正在逐渐改善——尽管速度缓慢。令人欣慰的是,乌克兰持续不断的冲突并没有成为前往欧洲的国际旅行的又一障碍。欧洲仍然是一个安全而有吸引力的旅游目的地。尽管如此,冲突的影响,如不断上升的生活成本和旅游相关成本,正在阻碍该行业的复苏。在海外市场推广欧洲,恢复国际流动性,将是该行业在2022年复苏的关键。”

Russo-Ukrainian crisis having little impact on long-haul travel sentiment to Europe

BRUSSELS - According to the latest Long-Haul Travel Barometer (LHTB) 2/2022, which provides insights on traveller sentiment for summer 2022 (May-August), the appetite for overseas travel to Europe from several source markets remains below pre-pandemic levels. Still, it has slightly improved compared to a year ago.

The LHTB from the European Travel Commission (ETC) and Eurail BV examines travel intentions in six overseas markets – Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Russia, and the United States every four months. Intention to travel is measured in an index that reflects the dominant sentiment expressed by a market[1], either positive or negative. Values above 100 index points indicate a positive evolution, whereas values below 100 indicate negative attitudes towards travel in a given period.

Although the Russo-Ukrainian conflict has created new challenges for the European travel sector, it appears to have had a limited impact on sentiment in most long-haul source markets except in China and Russia, with the majority of respondents (76%) stating that the conflict has not impacted their travel intent. Results show that COVID-19 concerns, travel-related costs and the lack of convenient travel connections are the main deterrents to long-haul travel this summer.

Commenting following the publication of the LHTB, Luís Araújo, ETC’s President, said: “ETC is pleased to see that long-haul travel sentiment is gradually improving as the world continues to recover from the pandemic – albeit at a slow pace. It is heartening that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has not become another deterrent to international travel to Europe. Europe remains a safe and attractive travel destination. Nonetheless, the fallout from the conflict, such as rising costs of living and travel related costs are hampering the sector’s recovery. Promoting Europe in overseas markets and restoring international mobility will be crucial for the sector’s recovery in 2022.” ( from traveldailynews )




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