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The most beautiful places in France for you to explore


Barry Neild and Latifah Al-Hazza, CNN • Updated 7th March,2019

 CNN Barry Neild和 Latifah Al-Hazza报道     • 2019年3月7日更新

Paris 巴黎

1/26 Paris 巴黎

There are reportedly more than 6,000 named streets in the French capital -- Paris' great appeal is that it always leaves room for discovery, even for those who think they've seen it all.




Colmar 科尔马

2/26 Colmar 科尔马

Colmar is a town full of colors. The bright flower-lined canals add to the rows of brightly painted houses. Known as the wine capital of the Alsace region, bordering Germany, Colmar is also the birthplace of Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, the sculptor who designed the Statue of Liberty.

Nicolas Winspeare/Flickr



Val d'Isere 伊泽尔谷

3/26 Val d'Isere 伊泽尔谷

France is blessed with some of Europe's best skiing terrain, with inter-connected resorts spanning the Alps and Pyrenees. Val d'Isere is among the most beautiful. Its slopes tend toward the technical but there are plenty of runs for intermediates and beginners.

Atout France/Jean François Tripelon-Jarry

法国得天独厚,拥有欧洲最佳的滑雪,相互连接的度假胜地横跨阿尔卑斯山和比利牛斯山脉。伊泽尔谷(Val d'Isere)是其中最美丽的。它的坡度趋向于技术性,但对于中级和初学者来说滑道着实不少了。

法国Atout / JeanFrançoisTripelon-Jarry 提供照片

Mont Saint Michel 圣米歇尔山

4/26 Mont Saint Michel 圣米歇尔山

Rising 600 meters off the coast of northwest France's Normandy region, Mont Saint Michel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that pulls in 3 million visitors a year. It's home to a medieval monastery. Adding to the excitement are the tides that regularly cut off the road that connects the island to the mainland.

Atout France/Pierre Torset

圣米歇尔山(Mont Saint Michel)距法国西北诺曼底地区海岸600米,是联合国教科文组织世界遗产,每年吸引300万游客。它是中世纪修道院的所在地。令人兴奋的是,潮汐经常切断连接该岛与大陆的道路。

Atout France/Pierre Torset 提供照片

Old Port of Marseille 马赛旧港

5/26 Old Port of Marseille 马赛旧港

France's ancient port is a teeming blend of Mediterranean influences, packing a punch when it comes to heritage and culture. Come for the Bouillabaisse fish stew, stay for the surprisingly awesome pizzas.

Atout France/Franck Charel

  • 法国这个古老的港口充满了地中海风情,在遗产和文化方面大放异彩。快来品尝法式普罗旺斯鱼汤炖鱼


Atout France/Franck Charel 提供照片

Mont Blanc 勃朗峰

6/26 Mont Blanc 勃朗峰

The birthplace of modern mountaineering, Mont Blanc towers 4,810 meters over the Alps on France's border with Italy. The world's 11th highest mountain has a beguiling but formidable reputation. Nearby, Chamonix is one of France's most popular ski destinations.

Atout France/Franck Charel


Atout France/Franck Charel提供照片。

Riviera coastline 里维埃拉海岸线

7/26 Riviera coastline 里维埃拉海岸线

France's Riviera coastline, including Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo, is a glorious, glamorous playground of sunshine, beaches and billionaires' yachts.

Atout France/Robert Palomba


Atout France/Robert Palomba 提供照片

8/26 Palace of Versailles 凡尔赛宫

South of Paris, the breathtaking Palace of Versailles was transformed by Louis XIV from a hunting lodge to a prominent chateau. It was the political capital and the seat of the royal court from 1682 to 1789. Highlights of the palace include acres of lawns and fountains, its Hall of (357) Mirrors and its stunning chapel.



ERIC FEFERBERG /法新社/盖蒂图片社 提供照片。

Annecy 安纳西小镇(小威尼斯)

9/26 Annecy 安纳西小镇(小威尼斯)

In the Alps of southeastern France, Annecy is sometimes called "Little Venice" because of its canals surrounded by beautiful terraces. Its picturesque historical castle, built in the middle of one of the canals, is among romantic attractions that pull in the visitors.



帕特里斯COPPEE /法新社/盖蒂图片社 提供照片。

Annecy 安纳西湖

10/26 Annecy 安纳西湖

Still in the Alps, and still near Annecy -- Lake Annecy is a crystal clear glacier lake said to be one of the world's cleanest.

Fabrice Milochau/Atout France


Fabrice Milochau/Atout France 提供照片

Millau Viaduct 米劳高架桥

11/26 Millau Viaduct 米劳高架桥

No list of incredible global engineering achievements is complete without France's elegant Millau Viaduct. The highest road bridge deck in Europe, the viaduct sits 270 meters over the River Tarn. Opened in 2004, it's now a vital link on a major route connecting France with Spain.



雷米GABALDA /法新社/盖蒂图片社提供照片

12/26 Etretat on Normandy's Alabaster Coast 法国诺曼底的雪白海岸(第一浪漫海岸) 埃特勒塔小镇

Soaring natural arches formed by coastal erosion are the key attraction at Etretat, a small town on Normandy's Alabaster Coast.

Fabrice Milochau/Atout France


Fabrice Milochau/Atout France提供照片

Lyon 里昂

13/26 Lyon 里昂

France's second city, Lyon is considered by many to be its coolest. By and large it's cheaper than Paris and some say it's got better food. It also hosts an amazing winter festival of lights.




the citadel of Carcassonne 卡尔卡松城堡

14/26 the citadel of Carcassonne 卡尔卡松城堡

One of the most visited places in France after the Eiffel Tower, the citadel of Carcassonne is a vast collection of medieval towers, drawbridges, cobbled streets and courtyards.




Montlucon 蒙吕松小镇

15/26 Montlucon 蒙吕松小镇

Almost dead center in the middle of France, the town of Montlucon has enhanced its traditional charms with the recent opening of what has to be one of France's, if not Europe's, greatest new museums: Mupop.

Dedicated to the history of pop music, both within and outside of France, this expansive collection features entertaining interactive displays covering everything from rural folk singers to 1960s teen bedrooms and punk recording rooms.




THIERRY ZOCCOLAN /法新社/盖蒂图片社提供照片

16/26 Chapelle de la Madone in Beaujolais 法国中东部博若莱葡萄园

It may have rivals in New World producers, but France is still the quintessential wine country and the millions of acres dedicated to grape growing are part of its charm. Here the Chapelle de la Madone sits above a vineyard in Beaujolais, central-eastern France.

Olivier Roux/Atout France

它可能是新世界葡萄酒生产国的竞争对手,但是法国仍然是典型的葡萄酒之乡,数百万英亩的葡萄种植区是其魅力的一部分。圣母礼拜堂(Chapelle de la Madone)坐落在法国中东部博若莱的葡萄园上方。

Olivier Roux/Atout France 提供照片

Bordeaux 波尔多

17/26 Bordeaux 波尔多

While we're on the subject, Bordeaux is possibly the world's wine capital. But it's not just about the drink -- the city has a lively restaurant scene set among some of France's most elegant streets.

Atout France/ Franck Charel

当我们谈到这个话题时,波尔多可能是世界葡萄酒之都。但波尔多的魅力 不仅仅限于葡萄酒——这座城市有些街道在全法国最也够得上是最美的,街上的餐厅热闹非凡。

法国/ Franck Charel提供照片。

Provence region 普罗旺斯地区

18/26 Provence region 普罗旺斯地区

Summer finds France's southern Provence region basking in a glorious heat that draws vacationers from across France and beyond. Inland from the region's glorious coastline, beautiful lavender fields like these behind the 12th century Cistercian abbey of Sénanques fill the air with their aromatic scents.

Emmanuel Valentin/Atout France


Emmanuel Valentin/Atout France提供照片

19/26 Biarritz 比亚里茨小镇

A resort town on France's Atlantic coast, Biarritz shares some of the glitz of its Mediterranean counterparts. It's a known haunt of the wealthy and famous, but its long, sandy beaches have a broader appeal, especially among surfers.

Atout France/Laurent Masurel


Atout France/Laurent Masurel提供照片

20/26 Le Chateau de Chambord 尚博尔德城堡

Le Chateau de Chambord is the largest of several amazing castles built along the Loire Valley. The French Renaissance building features 440 rooms and a double-helix fireplace supposedly based on a design by Leonardo da Vinci.

Atout France/Daniel Philippe

尚博尔德城堡(Le Chateau de Chambord)是卢瓦尔河谷沿岸建造的几座令人惊叹的城堡中最大的一座。这幢法国文艺复兴时期的建筑设有440间客房和一个双螺旋壁炉,据说是根据基于莱昂纳多·达·芬奇的设计。

Atout France/Daniel Philippe提供照片

Dordogne 法国中部的多尔多涅

21/26 Dordogne 法国中部的多尔多涅

Central France's Dordogne region is a favorite with summer vacationers who love relaxing in its rural greenery interspersed with ancient market towns. A favorite here is Rocamadour, a pilgrimage dominated by the collection of churches and monastic buildings that sit on the cliff tops above.

Atout France/Robert Palomba


Atout France/Robert Palomba提供照片

22/26 Saint Malo 圣马洛

A 12th-century walled city built against the threat of English invasion, Saint-Malo is a classic French mix of ancient city (filled with fabulous seafood restaurants) set against a stunning landscape. The waters around it rise and fall with the world's highest tidal ranges while the skies constantly change to the whims of wild Atlantic weather.

JC Collet/Saint Malo Tourisme

圣马洛(Saint Malo)是一座12世纪的城墙城市,抵御了英国入侵的威胁,是一座传统的溢满古韵的法国古城(遍布了令人惊叹的海鲜餐馆),置身于壮美的风景中。它周围的海水随着世界上最高的潮差涨落,天空总是随着大西洋天气的变化而变化。

JC Collet/Saint Malo Tourisme提供照片。

23/26 picturesque villages 风景如画的小村庄

Wherever you go in France, once outside the main towns and cities, the countryside is dotted with thousands of small, picturesque villages. Often built from local stone, these communities are home to a quieter pace of life. Old timers play petanque, locals sit outside the cafe, the aroma of fresh baguettes drifts out of the boulangerie.

Atout France/Frank Charel


Atout France/Frank Charel提供照片

24/26 Gorge du Verdon 维登峡谷

France's answer to the Grand Canyon might be smaller than its American equivalent, but it's no less beautiful. The Gorge du Verdon is where an Alpine river plunges down a magnificent valley. The limestone cliffs and natural lakes are served by a maze of hiking, cycling and horseback riding trails connecting tiny villages.


法国的大峡谷可能比美国的大峡谷要小,但它的美丽却丝毫不逊色。维登峡谷(Gorge du Verdon)是一条高山河跌落注入到壮丽的山谷的地方。石灰岩悬崖和天然湖泊周围有迷宫般的徒步旅行、骑自行车和骑马的小路连接着小村庄。


25/26 garden in Giverny 法国绚丽浪漫花园吉维尼小镇

Claude Monet's hazy floral paintings immortalized his garden in Giverny, northwest of Paris. These have largely been preserved to reflect the glorious floral abundance enjoyed by the impressionist artist and are now open to the public.


克劳德·莫奈(Claude Monet)朦胧的花卉画使他巴黎西北部吉维尼(Giverny)的花园永生难忘。这些作品大部分都被保留下来以反映印象派画家所享有的绚丽多彩的花卉,并且现已向公众开放。

乔尔SAGET /法新社/盖蒂图片社提供照片

26/26 Louvre Museum 卢浮宫博物馆

All good trips to France begin and end in Paris. There's enough in this city to sustain many repeat visits. In fact there's enough in the Louvre Museum to sustain many repeat visits.

Maurice Subervie/Atout France


莫里斯·苏伯维(Maurice Subervie)/法国Atout




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