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Warmest greetings from Beijing Champagne International Travel Service (www.tour-beijing.com) !

Thank you for having given Beijing Champagne International Travel Service the opportunity of making the travel arrangements for your trip to Beijing China.

In order to improve our services, we would feel very grateful if you could spend a few minutes to send us your feedback and comments to the tour or any of the travel service you have received from us.


How is the general tour arrangement?

How is your trip advisor’s service?

How is your tour guide’s service?

How is your tour guide’s language ability for communication?

How is your tour guide’s knowledge?

How are the car / van you took? (Clean? Comfortable?)

How are the driver and his driving?

How are the sites you visited?

How many tourism shops have you been brought in? What are they?

How are the food and the restaurants?

How is the hotel (and room)? And the location?

Did you get the emergency card of our company?

What is your suggestion for better arrangement?


You are welcome to leave your comments here.   We are quite serious with your feedback in the hope of finding where we are in error and improving our travel service accordingly.  Thanks!

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18 thoughts on “We Listen We Care

  1. 1.Is Check-in facility available in Beijing South Railway Station for G15 train to Shanghai Hongqiao station for first class passengers?
    2. Where this check-in counter located in the Beijing South station and which floor ?
    3. What is the bag size Length x Width x Height and bag weight allowed for Check-n Baggage for G15 train?
    4. Can the e-ticket changed to paper ticket one day ahead of the departure date ?
    5. Is there any elevator (Lift) in the Beijing south for the old people to go the second floor departure area ?
    6. Is there any porter service in Beijing South railway station and how & where to approch for this service.

  2. Hello Ramanathan Krishnamurthy,

    The departure hall is on the second floor at Beijing South Railway Station. There are totally two parallel 24 check-in gates in the middle of the hall from south to north. Between the two rows of opposite gates, there are plentiful rows of seats for passengers taking a break as well as spaces for lining up in front of the check-in gates.

    As far as I know, both first and second class passengers have to wait at their check-in gate for departure. Please visit http://www.tour-beijing.com/blog/beijing-travel/beijing-transportation/departure-hall-of-beijing-south-railway-station/ for more information on the departure floor.

    Each passenger is allowed to take a certain amount of carry-on baggage for free.

    Children (children with free ticket included): 10 kg (22 pounds)
    Diplomat: 35 kg (77 pounds)
    Other passengers: 20 kg (44 pounds)
    The total length of each item cannot exceed 160 cm.
    Rod-shaped baggage should not exceed 200 cm in length and 20 kg (44 pounds) in weight.

    Note: The above limitation is not applicable to wheelchair, which can be brought onto the train for free.

    If the baggage exceeds the allowed amount (either by weight or size), please use the baggage transportation service.

    Special Notice:
    The luggage rack of G Train (High-Speed Electric Multiple Units Train) is too small for luggage in large or super sizes. There is no special rack or room for the large luggage either. It is suggested that tourists with large luggage should not carry it onto the G Trains. Go to the trains stations earlier to have your large luggage be checked and transferred by freight, and pick up it when you arrive at your destination.

    Yes, you can have the e-ticket changed to a paper ticket one day ahead of the departure date.

    There are elevators (Lift) in the Beijing south for the old people to go the second floor departure area.

    There should be some porter service ( we call “Red Caps” porter service since most porters wear red caps), but I rarely find them in Beijing South railway station. Actually, Beijing South Railway Station is well designed and easy to handle. If you really need “Red Cap” service, you may approach a station staff for help.

    Have a good time on G train!

  3. Dear Sir,
    On Friday, 7th September 2012, my friend bought a pair a shoe at “New World Department Store” not far from Capital Hotel, Beijing. (exit hotel, turn left, 2 traffic lights, turn right), at 4th 0r 5th floor.

    He wanted size 41 (255 mm), the shop gave him a pair of shoe, left size 41 (255mm) and right size 43 (270mm). He did not check, He only found out when he returned home. SEE PICTURE.

    Please advise what he can do ? he wanted to phone or send email, but at the mill there is no telephone number or email address.

    I do not know if the shop made a mistake or did this purposely. My friend is very disappointed. He bought the shoe for his son’s birthday.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,Effendy Hu Qiu Hai

  4. Hello Hu Qiu Hai,

    If your friend has kept the receipt for the payment for the shoes, he can go to “New World Department Store” and change his newly bought shoes or have them refunded. If he has lost the receipt or forgot to ask for the receipt when he bought the shoes, it will be difficult for him to change the shoes.

    Basically I don’t think the shop did it purposely since buyers can easily to go back to the shop and have the shoes changed.

    In Beijing, all the big departmen stores are required to promise so called “three guarantees” (for repair, replacement or compensation of faulty products). If your friend can show the shop the document for buying the shoes, he can either change or get money back. Don’t be disappointed. Life is beautiful aftr all.

    Please try the following two phone numbers: (010)67182288 010-67080055

  5. I am visiting a friend’s family in China and want to take them some homemade strawberry jam and some honey made from flowers in the area where I live. Is it permitted to bring these items through Chinese customs at the airport?


    M. Bell

  6. Hello M. Bell,

    Yes, it is permitted to bring these items through Chinese customs at the airport. But please dont’ take too much. As how much you can bring, we don’t have the official document. By the way, you should first check whether you can bring these items through your home country customs at the airport. Have a nice stay in China!

  7. Hi

    May I know is Metro or subway or air port shuttle operate for 24 hrs in beijing ?


  8. Hi looi Siew Yoong,

    Basically Metro, subway and shuttle buses are not operated 24 hours in Beijing. But taxis at Beijing Capital airport are available for 24 hours.

  9. Rainbow and Shifu just gave us a marvelous tour of the Great Wall. It has been one of the best tours we have ever taken. Rainbow took many great photographs of us and she explains everything carefully. We are having a wonderful time and We highly recommend Champagne tours.

  10. Tina Baker,

    Much appreciated for your kind feedback! We’ll continue to improve our service level to impress our valuable clients. Thanks again!

  11. I am fling to shanghai from the US, then joining a cruise 3 days later to Japan etc. Can I just get a 72hr visa at the airport on arrival

  12. Dear Keith Williams,

    As far as I know, you cannot get a 72hr visa at the airport on arrival ( airport layover instead of airport to the cruise ).

  13. Will be on tour of Tiananmen Square in Sept. Husabnds needs a wheelchair to be able to keep up with tour group. Can we hire a chair upon entry? thank you

  14. Dear Janice Batt,

    Thanks for your inquiry!

    Please ask your tour operator to arrange a wheelchair starting from the airport in Beijing through a local travel agent.Have a nice time in China!

  15. Hi

    We will be transisting in Beijing airport for 5hrs from Taiyuan and
    Catch our next flight back.

    We plan to go to the city to eat Beijing duck.
    Do we have enough time to go the city and how?
    Do we need to bring along our luggages?


  16. Hello,
    I found a lot of very interesting information on your site, but when I was in China I couldn’t open the site. Are you blocked as Gmail and Google are?

  17. Dear Marcel Heymans,

    Thanks for your time sending us the feedback about our website!

    Basically it is not blocked due to the fact that it is a clean website. But it happens sometimes the download is very slow for unknown reason.

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