Uruguayan referee Jorge Larrionda, an idiot or grave digger

Not a football fan, but as for the world football cup on a four year cycle, I would choose some of the matches linking to my favorite teams like Italy, Brazil, Argentina, England, Germany, etc. no matter on finals, quarterfinals, knockout rounds, or even the group stage.
For me, any football match in the world cup is a kind of entertainment rather than a competition between two teams like a war without weapons. You find nothing like patriotism in the course of watching the games here. You know, China PR national football team is not there. And I don’t think this infamous team will be on the world stage within 50 years. Poor are the football fans in China, who have no hope for their happy days to come!
Last night (June 27, 2010), the knockout round between England and Germany was the focus for the global football fans. They are both my favorite teams. I sat before the TV, drinking beer, eating snacks, enjoying life and feeling comfortable seeing the two teams playing the game. 
But my enjoyment was disrupted by the Uruguayan referee Jorge Larrionda. He gave a blown call that denied England a valid goal breaking the balance in the competition. England’s player – Lampard”s shot bounce down off the crossbar and the ball pass the line by more than a foot for what should have been a goal. The Uruguayan referee Jorge Larrionda turned a blind eye on it. He is an idot or grave digger who deliberately digs a grave for the England Team to fall in? It is disgusting, like a dead fly in my rice bowl.
A referee is a human being. All Human beings make mistakes. So why not using a modern facility hepling to address a man made blunder? A referee controls the fates of elite players. But who controls a referee? No control will be followed by corruption and unfairness.
I feel sorry for the England’elite players, and fans on the spot and at home.
Maybe this is life, which is teamed with unfairness, setback, frustration… We have to be strong enough to keep on walking ahead.
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