Tingri to Mt.Everest – Mt.Everest Base Camp Trip » Let’ have a close look at the magnificent Mt.Everest!

Let’ have a close look at the magnificent Mt.Everest!

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  1. Serge Tremblay says:

    Hi! Last year, I visited china Pékin to hong-kong. End august 2012 I Will visit west china include Tibet.
    My agency don’t visit base camp of everest because too dangerous. Go to Tibet without view Everest it’s impossible for me. Is this really dangerous And hard for us route Between Shitgaze and Tingri.
    Excuse my english. I am french canadian.

    Answer please for help me my choice .

    Serge T

  2. admin says:

    If you are well prepared for the trip from Tingri to Mt. Everest, it is not dangerous. But all the tourists should be in good health. Last time a fat lady from our tour group had hard time on the way.

    Tingri to Mt.Everest Base Camp Travel Tips:
    1. Better for a small group using a land cruiser instead of bus tour
    2. Ready for Bottled oxygen if you are not confident about your health
    3. Water and snacks
    4. Sunglass, sunscrean, altitude sickness medicine
    5. Good sleep the day before
    6. Suggested to stay in Tingri for overnight
    7. Alien Travel Permit for Mt.Everest Base Camp
    8. Clothes for temperature difference
    9. Best time: March, May, September and October

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