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Best Time to Visit Wuyishan

Friday, April 11th, 2014
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Plan your Wuyishan Tour? Wuyishan or Wuyi Mountain is a popular mountain retreat in the northeast of Fujian Province off  China’s southeast coast. Its waterfalls, rivers,  mountains and forests are combined to draw a great number of  visitors both domestic and oversea each year.   In 1999, Mount Wuyi was listed as UNESCO’s World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site.

Then,  when is the best time to visit Wuyishan? Wuyishan is officially open all year round. Its relatively mild and comfortable weather make it visitable in the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter.  But which is the best month or best season to go to Wuyi Mountain? It mainly depends on your choices based on scenery, crowd tolerance and budget.

December, January and Febuary (Winter Season)
These three months are tourist off season.  For a mountain retreat,  this time of the year is not at its best in terms of scenery, plus a chilly weather. In addition, the whole area often falls into a rainy mist.

If you happen to visit Wuyishan during the slack season,  you will be rewarded with discounted accommodations and transportation.  Most importantly, you will have the area to yourself!  If luck follows you, you will see the whole area blanketed by white snow, a unique view of Wuyishan Mountain.

With a big temperature difference between day and night, you should bring with you the winter jacket and sweater, walking and climbing slow due to the cold weather.

March, April, June and November (Shoulder Season)
Personally,  I think these four months are good time  to visit Wuyishan, comfortable weather , green scenery and less crowded than peak season  ( July, August and September).

Sometimes it rains in March and April, don’t forget to bring your umbrella.

Wuyishan in spring

Wuyishan in spring

May, July, August, September and October (High season)
These four months find hordes of tourists flocking into Wuyishan Mountain.  July and August are the summer time in Wuyshan, alao the  school vacation time, a great time for family travel.

My personal experience tells me to avoid visiting Wuyishan in July and August to keep away from crowds, the uncomfortable humid weather and scorching sun!

wuyishan in autumn

wuyishan in autumn

Avoid going to Wuyi Mountain on May 01 – 03 for China’s Labor’s Day and Oct 01 – 07 for China’s National Holiday.

In a word, come to Wuyishan in March, April, June and November, the best traveling months for visiting Wuyishan – good scenery, less crowded and comfortable weather.  If you happen to visit Wuyishan in other seasons,  it is all right!   Wuyi Mountain welcomes you 365 days each year.

Tip:  Hassle-free Wuyishan Guided Tours
If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for Wuyishan Guided Tours:

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