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Top 10 Shopping Malls in Shanghai

Sunday, August 1st, 2021
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Plan your Shanghai tour? Shanghai is a shopping paradise, with various bustling commercial streets and shopping centers beckoning the visitors. Shopping malls in Shanghai are most fashionable inside country as Shanghai is the window of modern China.

No matter you are  shopaholic or not, it is rewarding to visit the top shopping malls in Shanghai. Most of the shopping malls are located in busy commercial centers. We’ve rounded up the best shopping malls in Shanghai with luxury shopping and  fine dining and everything you need, Now bring your wallet to the top 10 shopping malls during your Shanghai Tour.

By the way, if you are not interested in the fixed price shopping malls, you may visit the Top 10 Markets in Shanghai where you can show your bargaining skill.

No.01   Shanghai IFC Mall 上海国金中心商场

Add: 8 Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai 世纪大道8号 Tel: 020-20207070
Web: Hours:  10:00-22:00 ( Daily )Briefing:A high-end shopping mall, nice shopping environment and comfortable to shop around.

It is worth mentioning that the toilets are extremely clean.On the B2 there are lots of snack stands and most of them offer Japanese flavors, very much popular. The whole shopping mall is mainly decorated in the champagne and cream colors. Its design is fashionable and magnificent. Numerous international brands are seen here, a cluster of luxury goods.

No.02 Plaza 66  恒隆广场

Add: 1266 Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai 南京西路1266号
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00 ( Daily )

Briefing:Plaza 66 is a commercial and office complex in Shanghai, consisting of a shopping mall and two skyscrapers. With 66 floors, Plaza 66 is the tallest building in the Puxi area of Shanghai. Entering the plaza, you feel like you are walking on an avenue, lined with shop windows.

Many fashion brands have chosen this department store as the location for their flagship stores in Shanghai. The plaza holds fashion shows from time to time, where you can get close to famous designers and models from all over the world.

No.03  Jiu Guang Department Store 久光百货

Add: 1618 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai 南京西路1618号

Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00 ( Daily )
Briefing: Convenient transportation and you may easily get to the shopping mall by taking metro line 2 or 7. Jiu Guang is a huge department store aircraft-carrier co-invested by Hong Kong Jiu Guang and Shanghai Jiu Bai Holding Group.

It is a top rated department store that collects the major international brands like Burberry、Tiffany,Agnes’B, Bally, Celine, ck Calvin Klein, Dunhill, Thomas Pink, Omega, Vertu, COACH, HUGO BOSS and more. Don’t miss the basement supermarket and snacks.

No. 04  Shop Electronics ( Computers, Tabs, Laptops……)

There are three places in Xujiahui District: Bainaohui (百脑汇),Pacific Computer Plaza (太平洋电脑广场),and Pacific Digit Plaza (太平洋数码广场)
Add: The three places are located in the same area ( clustered together ).
Transportation: Take Subway Line 1 and get off at the station of Xujiahui ( 徐家汇) and exit from Exit 5.Chinese address for taxi driver:

No.05 Super Brand Mall 正大广场

Add: 168, Lujiazui Xi Road, Pudong, Shanghai 陆家嘴西路168号正大广场
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00 ( Daily )

Briefing: Take metro line 2 and get off at the station of Lujiazui (陆家嘴). Located in Pudong’s Lujiazui Area, Super Brand Mall is one of the most influential business and financial centers in Shanghai.

It is a huge shopping complex with complete entertainment and shopping facilities.Super Brand Mall has 13 floors and hundreds of shops, including 70 restaurants and cafes. As one of Shanghai’s oldest but still one of the best malls, Super Brand Mall is visited by hundreds of thousands of people who every day. You can’t miss it when you arrive in Shanghai.

No. 06 Grand Gateway 港汇广场

地址: No.1 Hong Qiao Road, Xujiahui, Shanghai 虹桥路1号
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00 ( Daily )

Briefing: Take metro line 9 and get off at the station of Xujiahui (徐家汇) and exit from Exit 19 for the mall. The Grand Gateway is an office complex consisting of two skyscrapers in the Xujiahui area of Shanghai. It is one of the most visited malls in Shanghai, particularly at night when it’s all lit up.

The Grand Gateway Plaza Mall has six stores of shops, with totally hundreds of shops, and one basement level shopping area. This mall caters to local clientele, apparent by many Chinese stores and distinctively cheaper prices.

No.07 Mei Long Zhen Iestan Shanghai 梅龙镇伊势丹

地址: No.1038 West Najing Road, Shanghai 南京西路1038号
Opening Hours: 10:00-9:30 ( Daily )

Briefing: 3 minutes from West Nanjing Road Station on Metro Line 2. Isetan (伊勢丹) is a Japanese owned department store.

Based in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Isetan has branches throughout Japan and East Asia, including Phnom Penh, Bangkok, Jinan, Kaohsiung, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Shanghai, Singapore and Tianjin and more. Mei Long Zhen Isetan is the second chain store of Isetan in Shanghai. Excellent service and products, as you would expect from this chain.

No.08 Shanghai Times Square 大上海时代广场

Add: 99 Middle Huaihai Road, Shanghai 淮海中路99号
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00 ( Daily )
Briefing: 3 minutes’walk to Line 8 Dashijie station and 5 minutes’ walk to Line 1 South Huangpi. Shanghai Times Square is a skyscraper in Shanghai. It is famous for its top quality goods as well as its annual New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Times Square possesses of 7-storey retail podium, 30-storey Grand A office Tower and 26-storey service apartments, providing a one-stop shopping experience with more than 100 shops & restaurants covering fashion, accessories, fine dining, beauty and entertainment. You can find many international brands here, like CUCCI, VERSACE, VERRI, COACH, etc.

No.09 Citic Square 中信泰富广场

Add: No. 1168, Nanjing West Road, Shanghai 南京西路1168号
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00 ( Daily )

Briefing: 5 minutes from West Nanjing Road Station on Metro Line 2. The shopping mall at Citic Square is very spacious and bright. It hosts names such as Max Mara, Alfred Dunhill, Esprit, Shoe and Key Repair, and Maya Audio Video.

It shares a same roof with Westgate Mall, so people always consider them as one shopping mall. Citic Square serves clothes on the above floors. On the ground floor replenish your wallet at the ATM and get information about Citic’s upcoming fashion shows and photo displays.

No.10 Hong Kong Plaza 香港广场

地址: 282 Mid-Huaihai Road ( close to Huangpo South Road) 淮海中路282号(近黄陂南路)
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00 ( Daily )
Briefing: Take metro line 1 and get off at South Huang Pi Road Station and exit from gate 2. So Hong Kong Plaza has convenient transportation, easy to get here by taking line 1. The shopping area is spacious and clean with comfortable environment. It mainly caters to medium and high-end clients with good quality.


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