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Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo (Tips, Photos & Map)

Tuesday, December 21st, 2021
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Dear Travellers

We’d like to have the following travel guide to be always updated for the benefit of new tourists visiting Guilin and Li River.

If anybody having used the piece finds necessary updates, please leave a message or feedback. Thanks!

Cruising on Li River

Cruising on Li River is the top thing to do during your Guilin tour. The 83-km long Li River from  Guilin resembles a jade ribbon flanked by idyllic paddy fields and green forested hills, and dotted with pinnacled peaks, yellow shoals, bamboo groves, odd-shaped crags, deep pools and flying waterfalls.

Li River is full of surprises which will ignite your imagination to fully appreciate the bestowed beauty.

How to Book Tickets for Li River Cruises

Book a cruise ticket through the tourist desk at your hotel with a return transfer back to Guilin from Yangshuo. Or you may taxi from your hotel in Guilin to Zhujiang Dock (竹江码头) where most of the cruise boats leave for Yangshuo on a 4-hour cruise including lunch on board.

Zhujiang Pier is located about 25km to the southeast of Guilin city centre. (Google)

Zhujiang Dock (竹江码头) is about 25km east of Guilin city center with taxi fare around 100 yuan. You can buy your boating ticket on the spot at the ticketing office at the dock.

Luxurious Air-conditioned Boats
High Season ( April – November): 270 yuan;
Low Season (December – March): 240 yuan

Super Luxurious Air-conditioned Boats:
High Season ( April – November): 450 yuan;
Low Season (December – March): 380 yuan

1. Most boats leave at 9:00 am, 9:30 am and 10:00 am, so try to get up early to catch the boats.
2. The lunch on board is very basic and you are advised to bring some snacks.
3. If you travel independently, you need to take bus from Yangshuo North Bus Station back to Guilin after your cruise and a short trip to Yangshuo.

Virtual Tour of Guilin Li River Cruise

Now, follow me to have a glimpse of the picturesque Li River.

Zhujiang Dock ( 25km to the southeast of Guilin city center )

Zhujiang Dock

On a 4-hour boat trip from Guilin Zhujiang Dock to Yangshuo.

4-hour boat trip from Guilin Zhujiang Dock to Yangshuo

Fruit vendors paddle rickety bamboo rafts right up along the boats and try to sell fruits.

Fruit vendors paddle rickety bamboo rafts

Li River is flanked by pinnacled peaks of the forested undulating hills.

Li River is flanked by pinnacled peaks

Passing by the steep cliffs and idyllic villages.

Passing by the steep cliffs and idyllic villages

We see the scenery and we are also in the scenery.

We see the scenery and we are also in the scenery

We are passing by Yangdi Town ( Village). The watercourse from Yangdi to Xingping is the centerpiece of the Li River.

passing by Yangdi Town ( Village)

Many tourists take the motorized bamboo rafts from Yangdi floating on the most beautiful section of the Li River.

motorized bamboo rafts

Continue on the 4-hour boat trip.

Continue on the 4-hour boat trip

Our boat is passing by the attractions known as “Yellow Cloth Shoal” and “The Painted Hill of Nine Horses”.

“Yellow Cloth Shoal” and “The Painted Hill of Nine Horses”

We are approaching Yangshuo.

We are approaching Yangshuo.

Here we are at Yangshuo Dock.

Here we are at Yangshuo Dock

A busy dock,  leads toward the West Street teemed with bars and restaurants.

A busy dock

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