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Nanjing Taxi: Nanjing Taxi Fares, Tips and Phones

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010
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The Total Taxi Number in Nanjing

Plan your Nanjing tour? At the time of my writing, Nanjing has over 8,900 taxies. Taxis ply the main street in the city.  Basically it is very convenient to find a taxi in Nanjing.


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Taxi Models in Nanjing
The models of taxi in Nanjing include Pusang, Santana 2000, Santana 300,Kia, Jetta, Qirui, Cirtroen, Passat, Red-flag, and Buick…

Nanjing Taxi

Nanjing Taxi Fares:
• RMB9 for the first 3km
• RMB2 for fuel surcharge
• RMB2.4 per each km beyond 3km.
• Plus RMB2.7 for each additional kilometer at night.
Nanjing Taxi Company Bookings
If you need to book a taxi in Nanjing, please make the call as following:
•Nanjing Qiangsheng Taxi Company                   Tel:025-62580000
•Nanjing Zhongbei Taxi Company.                    Tel:025-96805
•Nanjing Orential Taxi Company                     Tel: 025-52608068
•Nanjing Lingguang Taxi Company:                   Tel: 025-832112000
• Nanjing Zhengde Taxi Company                     Tel:025-85301204
• Nanjing Kanghong Taxi Company                    Tel:025-85411491
• Nanjing Liansheng Taxi Company                   Tel:025-84492870

Hailing a taxi in the city of Nanjing
•The best places to hail a taxi is near the train station, the Airport, Bus stops, Scenic Spots, Hotels and the taxi stands.

Nanjing Taxi rider’s rights
As a taxi rider, you have the rights below:
Direct drive to your destination and no compulsory car pooling
Go to any destination in and beyond Nanjing
Your car driver knows the streets in Nanjing and the way to major destinations in Nanjing;
Your driver should know and abide by all traffic laws;
Air-conditioning on demand;
A radio-free trip;
No Smoking
A clean passenger seat area;
A clean trunk
A driver uses the horn only when necessary to warn of danger;
No Tip

Nanjing Taxi Stands
Generally speaking, There are some taxi stands on the main streets in Nanjing but most of these taxi stands are no more than ornaments, neglected both by taxi drivers and passengers, just like other cities. People just hail a taxi anywhere they feel safe and convenient.

Nanjing Taxi Complaints
If you have any problem with a taxi in Nanjing, please contact the following:
•Nanjing Taxi Complaining No.: 025-86655664

Nanjing Taxi Useful Information
•Using a meter instead of bargaining with the cab driver
•If you want to take a taxi to suburban areas of Nanjing, you can have a bargain with the driver before you get in the taxi.
•Nanjing Airport – Nanjing Downtown: RMB60-70
•Nanjing Railway Station – Nanjing Airport: around RMB120
•Nanjing Railway Station – Fuzi Temple: RMB25

Tip:  Hassle-free Nanjing Guided Tours

06611If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for Nanjing Guided Tours:

Nanjing Highlight Day Tour  from US$75 p/p
Nanjing 2 Day Highlight Tour  from US$190 p/p
Nanjing One Day Side Trip  from US$90  p/p
Nanjing Suzhou Hangzhou Shanghai 6 Day Tour  from US$560 p/p
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Further Readings

Nanjing Massacre Museum: The museum tells the overwhelming atrocities committed by the Japanese forces of aggression from December 13 to January, 1938.
Nanjing Presidential Palace:a must-visit sight if you are interested in the modern history of China
Ming Xiaoling Tomb:the burial site of the Hongwu Emperor, the first emperor and founder of Ming Dyansty ( 1368-1644 ).
Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum:Dr. Sun Yat-sen is considered to be the “Father of Modern China” who stablished the Republic of China.
Linggu Temple Scenic Area:The Linggu Temple was gradually built into a cemetery dedicated to the the National Revolutionary Army’s martyes.
Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge:Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is the first bridge over the Yangtze River designed and built by China’s own technical strength.
Fuzi Temple ( Confucius Temple ): A famous local walking area to touch Nanjing’s past and present.
Zhonghua Gate: a renowned ancient city gate in China and the largest ancient city wall gate in the world.
Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum: The museum shows the maps, pictures and captions to tell the progress and history of Taiping Army.

Top 10 Attractions in Nanjing
Nanjing Taxi

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