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Travel time for Beijing Shanghai high speed trains

Monday, June 13th, 2011
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The 1,318-kilometer Beijing Shanghai high speed rail will be operated from July 1st, 2011. The Ministry of Railways has decided to slow the speed to 300 km/per hour instead of the previously planned 350km for cost and safety concerns.
The speed for new high speed rail line between Beijing and Shanghai is set for two kinds – 300km per hour and 250km per hour, greatly cutting the travel time between the two metropolises from 10 hours to less than 5 hours, or to to exactly 4 hours 48 mimutes for 300km trains and 7 hours and 56 minutes for 250km trains.
There will be 63 pairs of trains with the speed of 300km per hour every day and 27 pairs of trains running 250km per hour per day as well running between Beijing and Shanghai.
The new high speed line will hurt airline business in short term. When the Beijing Shanghai high speed rail begin operations, the number of passengers will probably be reduced 20 or 30 percent within half a year, but in a long run it will not affect the airlines so much due to diversified demand in a long run.
No doubt the new high speed trains will definitely improve the transportation and greatly enchance the economy and trade between the two big cities.