Explore the Beauty of Sichuan Province

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Sichuan Province Promises Unforgettable Experience
In the north of Yunnan Province lies the Sichuan Province which compliments Yunnan in its cultural heritage and beautiful landscape. Sichuan Province is home to one of the four most important culinary traditions of the country. The capital, Chengdu, though has not remained untouched by the development, but still holds signs of a relaxed lifestyle that the residents are used to from centuries gone by. The province also has Panda sanctuaries and is close to Mount Emei, one of the most beautiful mountains in the province, the kind of which are highlighted in traditional drawings. 

The Undying Beauty of Sichuan Province Still Continues to Hold Strong
If you intend to visit China during your study abroad programs or are just visiting the country as a part of China tours, there are many wonders to behold. China has had one of the richest histories in the world and the best part of it is that most of it has been retained in the form of traditions, architecture and general way of leading the day to day life. 

Yunnan is known to be one of those provinces which is home to almost all of China’s ethnic minorities. Similarly, there is the Sichuan Province that lies north of Yunnan which also offers immense diversity and landscapes. All those who visit Kunming in Yunnan to learn Chinese language on their Chinese summer programs also often visit Sichuan Province to experience the rich cultural heritage and beautiful scenic locations which have cradled these cultures for centuries. 

When a group starts this leg of its China tour, their first stop is usually the capital city of Chengdu. The city is known for its laid back atmosphere which is quite contrary to the rest of the country that is bustling with energy in the light of the growing economy. When one visits Chengdu, one finds that the city is lost in time. Despite the developments in the last few decades, the old life style that has permeated the way of life still persists.

 One can see people sipping tea all day and playing Mahjong in open spaces including parks and open markets.  

The people in Chengdu are born to be good at playing Mahjong.

This is complimented by the fiery cuisine of the province which is a part of one of the four great culinary traditions of China. All those who are interested in the culinary traditions of the city can taste the popular dishes including hotpot, tea smoked duck and twice cooked pork.

 There is another place the Sichuan that would be a delight for those doing gap year jobs in the country as well as for visitors from summer programs for high school students. These are the Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries which are the homes to one of the rarest and cutest animals on the planet. There are seven wildlife sanctuaries and nine scenic parks in total. One can see these gentle looking animals in their natural habitat where they have been preserved. The pandas are almost extinct and the government has taken measures to ensure that their population stabilizes and grows. These sanctuaries have played a pivotal role in saving the Pandas from extinction. 

Pandas at play


The panda at eating

 Another iconic place in Sichuan Province is Mount Emei. This mountain is called Emei Shan in the local language and is a popular symbol of Chinese spiritualism. There are a lot of books which one would come across while in the city which would depict a mountain with bamboo covered peaks, all of which are inspired by Mount Emei. It brings the pictures to life and leaves the visitors spellbound by its beauty.


Sunrise at Emei Shan

The Golden Palace at the top of Emei Shan


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