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Plan your Shandong tour? You are highly recommended to visit Dongying, a coastal city in the northest of Shandong Province, where the Yellow River meets the Bohai Sea.

Dongying (东营) in Chinese literally means “Eastern Camp”. Tang Taizhong (23 January 599 – 10 July 649), the second emperor of the Tang Dynasty of China, made his east expedition and set up two camps – Eastern Camp and Western Camp in the northeast Shandong. Today’s Dongying was where the eastern camp was located.

The city of Dongying developed from a small village named “Dongying Village” which was established in Ming Dynasty (1368 -1644). In 1983, the city of Dongying was founded. Now Dongying has two districts and three counties – Dongying District, Hekou District, Kenli County, Guangrao County and Lijin County.

The Yellow River emptifies itself at the Kenli County of Dongying City in the northest of Shandong Province. Historically the the Yellow River has changed its watercourse for numerous times. The present watercourse of Yellow River was formed in 1885 with its estuary at Kenli County of Dongying City.

As an oil city, Dongying is also home to Shengli Oilfield, the second largest oilfield in China. Shengli Oilfield was discovered 1964, near the village of Dongying which gave its name to the city.

The Yellow River Delta National Natural Reserve was established in 1992 with the approval from the of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. The reserve is located in the Yellow River Estuary of the Yellow River Delta Wetland formed by the silt brought by the Yellow River within the administrative area of Dongying City in the northeast of Shandong Province.

Dongying is located 403km to the southeast of Beijing and 300km to the northeast of Jinan City. It has a costline of 350km and 138 section of Yellow River. Dongying’ economy revolves around petroleum. It also rich tourism resources including the Yellow River Delta Wetland, Yellow River National Natural Reserve, Swan Lake – the largest artificial lake in Asia.

Dongying has a mild monsoon-influenced continental climate with disdictive four seasons – hot and humind summer, cold and dry winter, rainy and humid in summer and spring. 

The downtown Dongying city

The downtown Dongying city
White and black swans at the Yellow River Wetland Park
White and black swans at the Yellow River Wetland Park
Taking a boat and passing the reed marshes the Yellow River Reserve. 
Taking a boat and passing the reed marshes the Yellow River Reserve.
Cruising on the Yellow River Estuary
 Useful Phone numbers
1.Dongyong Tourism Buareau: 0546 – 83208062
2.Dongying Hotel: 0546 – 68062999

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