Top 10 Attractions in Changsha

Plan your Changsha Tour? Changsha is the capital city of Hunan, a province of south-central China, located on the lower reaches of Xiang river, a branch of the Yangtze River.

The attractions in Changsha are quite varied, thanks to its long history and the diversity of events which have happened here. also has a rich collection of Parks and Gardens enjoyed by both visitors and locals.

No. 01: Hunan Provincial Museum

Founded in the early 1950s, Hunan Provincial Museum is located in Kaifu District of Changsha City, adjoining the Martyres’ Park and covering an area of 51,000 square meters.

The museum boasts abundant collections that feature the cultural relics excavated from the world-famous Mawangdui Tombs of Han Dynasty, the bronze wares of the Shang and the Zhou Dynasties, cultural relics of Chu Dynasty, pottery and porcelain works from various dynasties, calligraphy works and paintings, and modern cultural relics.

It is listed as the largest historical and artistic museum in Hunan Province, as well as one of the first eight National Foremost Museums eligible to be co-constructed by central and local governments.

Entrance Fee: free
Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00 (closed on Monday)
How to get there: take Buses No. 112, 113, 131, 136, 146, 150, 302, 303 901 to Hunan Provincial Museum

Hunan Provincial Museum
Hunan Provincial Museum

No. 02: Yuelu Hill Park

Mount Yuelu, the surplus mount of Hengshan Mountain, is located in the western suburb of Changsha, Hunan, China. It is 300.8 meters high above the sea, with numerous ridges and peaks extending to several kilometers, which looks like a natural screen on the west of Changsha downtown area.

The park itself is a fairly pleasant walk, and it is possible to get away from the crowds. The park covers an area of 500 hectares, part of which is occupied by the Hunan University.It’s one of Changsha’s most historic spots and is most notable for its academic establishments.

Entrance Fee: CNY 15
Opening Hours: 08:00-16:00
How to get there: take Buses No. 106, 202 or 305 to get there

Yuelu Hill Park
Yuelu Hill Park

No. 03: Xiangjiang River

Xiangjing River, also known as Xiang River, or simply Xiang, is the largest river in Changsha and Hunan Province. It is one of the largest tributaries of Yangtze River. It passes through the city of Changsha, referred as the mother river of Changsha.

Xiangjiang River Scenic Belt extends from the south Heishipu Bridge to the north of the Moon Island. Constructed in 1995, it holds tens of exercise squares, green belts and historic landscapes with comprehensive functions like flood protection, sightseeing, leisure, relaxation and fitness, etc.

Xiangjiang River
Xiangjiang River

No. 04: Mawangdui Han Tombs

Located in the eastern suburb of Changsha, the famous Mawangdui Han Tombs is one of the most exciting spots in Hunan Province.

All three tombs were excavated between 1972 and 1974. Over 3,000 relics have been unearthed from the tombs like silk products, silk books, silk paintings, lacquer works, potteries, bamboo slips used for writing, weapons, herbs and so on. Of which the lacquer works occupy the largest number, including ancient cooking vessels, boxes, kettles, plates and folding screens.

Entrance Fee: free
Opening Hours: 08:00-17:00
How to get there: take Buses No. 113m 136 or 168 to get there

Mawangdui Han Tombs
Mawangdui Han Tombs

No. 05: Kaifu Temple

Kaifu Temple, located out of the north door of Changsha, has a history of more than 1000 years. It is one of the Chinese key Buddhist monasteries. With surrounding mountains and clear running water, it was not quite densely populated here in the past.

Kaifu Temple covers more than 48,000 square meters and its building area is more than 8000 square meters. A gate to a monastery, which is a four-pillar and three-layer memorial arch type, and a red wall, 3 meters high, embrace the temple around.

At the gate to a monastery, a horizontal plaque with the words “Ancient Kaifu Temple ”, were written by Chen Haipeng, a garrison commander of Fushan Town in the years called “Guangxu” of Qing Dynasty.

Entrance Fee: CNY 10
Opening Hours: 09:00-18:00
How to get there: take Bus No.111 and get off at Kaifu Temple; or take Bus No. 106 and get off at Xinhelu Station

Kaifu Temple
Kaifu Temple

No. 06: Yuelu Academy

Yuelu Academy is located on the east side of Yuelu Mountain in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, China, on the west bank of the Xiang River.

The renowned Confucian scholars Zhu Xi and Zhang Shi both lectured at the academy. In 1903 the academy became a university, and in 1926 it was officially named Hunan University.

As one of the four most prestigious academies over the last 1000 years in China, Yuelu Academy has been a famous institution of higher learning as well as a centre of academic activities and cultures.

The academy has witnessed more than a thousand years of history and is the only one of the ancient Chinese academies of Classical Learning to have evolved into a modern institution of higher learning.

Entrance Fee: CNY 50
Opening Hours: the whole day
How to get there: take Buses No. 106, 202, 305 or Lisha Special Line to get there

Yuelu Academy
Yuelu Academy

No. 07: Orange Isle

Orange Isle is located at the city center of Changsha, and also the center of Xiang River. Watched from the Peak of Mount Yuelu, Orange Isle is like a black silk ribbon lying in the middle of the river and like a dark yellowish green barrier while seen in the river bank.

The isle has been a popular site for summer vacation for a long time. Orange Isle connects the Mount Yuelu in the west and the downtown in the east, with a length of 5km and a width of 50-200 meters and a total area of 70kms. Orange Isle comprises three nearly connected isles: upper isle, middle isle and lower isle.

Entrance Fee: Free
Opening Hours: 07;00-22:00
How to get there: take Bus No.1 to Dachunqiao

Orange Isle
Orange Isle

No. 08: Tianxin Pavilion

Changsha is a city with long history, so there are some historic sites and Tianxin Pavilion is one of them. Tianxin Pavilion is a pavilion standing on the ancient walls.

It is located on the ancient rampart of Changsha. It was built by the general of  the army Yang Xi in 1746, the 11th year of Qianlong Period in Qing Dynasty. It covers a total area of 864 square meters, which was the tiptop of the city at that time.

The existed pavilion was rebuilt in 1983, of the timberwork-like style, with brown tiles, painted pillars, three layers and corridor. The main pavilion is supported by 60 wood pillars, with 32 copper bells, 10 kissing dragon. There are also some precious calligraphy and painting by famous people treasured up in the pavilion.

Entrance Fee: CNY 32
Opening Hours: 08;00-18:30
How to get there: take Buses No. 11, 314 or 202 and get off at Tianxin Garden.

Tianxin Pavilion
Tianxin Pavilion

No. 09: Changsha Window of the World

Window of the World is located on the bank of Liuyang River, in the northeast suburb of Changsha, covering an area of 400 thousand square meters, with a total investment of 360 million yuan.

The Window of the World is situated beside a river and at the foot of a mountain. There are green plants everywhere, with the gardens in different style, which has added beauty and charm to the Window of World. There are more than 100 great interests all over the world in the park, which manifest the art historic and exotic atmosphere.

The Window of the World in Changsha has combined the magnificent of the World, historic site all over the world, the customs of all the countries, and all the artistic performance together, representing a splendid world to us.

Entrance Fee: CNY 130
Opening Hours: 08:00-16:00
How to get there: take Buses No. 158, 127, 136 or 501 to get to Changsha Window of the World

No. 10: Hunan First Normal College

Hunan First Normal College has a long and splendid history, and always been enjoying a good reputation of “acadmey of thousand years and normal school of centuries”. Its glorious revolutionary and educational traditions and attract the public’s admiration and attention.

The college has been rewards as an excellent unit in education, teaching and research by the nation and Hunan Province, and also rewarded as a garden unit by Hunan Province and Changsha City. It is one of the key preservative units with cultural relics and patriotic education bases in Hunan Province.

Entrance Fee: free
Opening Hours: the whole day
How to get there: There are many buses pass by Hunan First Normal College, including Bus No. 1, 122, 134, 139, 160, 901, 908 West Line, 908 East Line, etc.

Hunan First Normal College
Hunan First Normal College

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