Top 10 Attractions in Zhuhai, Top 10 Things to Do in Zhuhai

Plan your Guangdong tour?  Zhuhai is a beautiful coastal city, a perfect place to spend your holiday. It is a prefecture-level city on the southern coast of Guangdong province in China. Located in the Pearl River Delta, Zhuhai borders Jiangmen to the northwest, Zhongshan to the north, and Macau to the south.

As a beautiful coastal city, Zhuhai has enchanting natural scenery and abundant historical sites, most scattered in its east Xiangzhou and west Doumen Districts. Zhuhai Fisher Girl Statue is the landmark of the city.

No. 01: New Yuanming Palace
Located at the foot of the Lanpu Dashilin mountain in Zhuhai, covering an area of 1.4 square kilometers, the New Yuanming Palace is a reproduction of the imperial Yuanming Palace in Beijing, one of the favorite gardens of the late emperors of the Qing dynasty.

The New Yuanming Palace in Zhuhai recovered numerous scenic spots in their old construction style combined with modern features, including the complex of royal palaces, Fuhai Lake, Royal Food Street and shops in different types.

Entrance Fee: Free
Opening Hours: 09:30-21:00
How to get there: take Buses No. 1, 13, 14, 20, 25, 30, 40, 60, 62, 69, 99, 201 or Sightseeing Line 1 from the downtown area

New Yuanming Palace
New Yuanming Palace
No. 02: Statue of Fisher Girl
The Statue of fisher girl has become the landmark in the city of Zhuhai, located at the scenic Xianglu Bay.  Composed by granite at 8.7 meter of height, the statue is the must visit spot for all tourist to Zhuhai. The fisher girl is very beautiful with a little shy, she stands at the charming Xianglu Bay in an elegant pose, and raising a bright pearl with both hands high in the air, symbolizes Zhuhai’s brightness.

The statue was designed by a famous Chinese sculptor, Panhe. The granite with 8.7 meters high and 10 tons in weight.

Entrance Fee: free
Opening Hours: 09:00-21:00
How to get there: Buses No. 9, 99 and Sightseeing Line 2 can take you there

Statue of Fisher Girl
Statue of Fisher Girl
No. 03: Meixi Royal Stone Archways Tourist Area
The Meixi Royal Stone Archways is located at Mei Xi Village in Qianshan town, Zhuhai City. Meixi Royal Stone Archways Tourist Area was built in the late 19th century, covering 126,000 square meters.

This area consists of 3 parts: Meixi Paifang (royal stone archways), the former residence of Chen Fang and the Chen’s Garden and Cemetery. The Meixi Royal Stone Archways area has a very beautiful garden scenery, and its service facilities are excellent. It is not far from the city, and making your way there and back easy.

Entrance Fee: CNY 65
Opening Hours: 08:30-18:00
How to get there: take Buses No. 26, 36, 41 or Sightseeing Line 2

Meixi Royal Stone Archways Tourist Area
Meixi Royal Stone Archways Tourist Area

No. 04: Pearl Amusement Park
Pearl Amusement Park is locates by the beautiful Tangjia Bay of Zhuhai, facing the sea and closing to mountain, and next to CuiHeng villiage, the hometown of Sun Zhongshan.

The park takes more than 400,000 square metres land. With dense wood, prosperous grass and blooming flowers, the park is attractive with its unique architectural design and exotic atmosphere. In the park, there are western type cafe, Italy biscuit shop, Chinese food restaurant, and cafeteria under the tree and in the shed, where you can have a rest, enjoy yourself for some food, and even have a drink as you like.

Entrance Fee: CNY 60
Opening Hours: 09:00-17:30
How to get there: take Buses No. 3, 10, 66, 69, A10 or Sightseeing Line 2 to the Pearl Amusement Park

Pearl Amusement Park
Pearl Amusement Park
No. 05: Dong’ao Island
Known as “The Kingdom of Plants”, Dong’ao Island in Zhuhai is a historical naval fortress with a history of more than 270 years. It is home to Nansha Bay, Dazhu Bay and Xiaozhu Bay.

The island served as a frontier garrison beginning in 1729 and the remains are well preserved. Rusted cannons still sit at the top of the city wall, facing a rocky coast and the vast South China Sea. The coast was where the British unloaded smuggled opium in the 1800s. The island is also famous for its Guanyin (bodhisattva) sculpture reputed to bring fertility to those who pray there. Visitors to the beach can enjoy fishing, surfing, scuba diving, and sailing in the cool, blue water.

Entrance Fee: CNY 20
Opening Hours: the whole day
How to get there: You can take a boat from Xiangzhou Beidi Passenger Port to Dong’ao Island.

Dong'ao Island
Dong’ao Island
No. 06: Jintai Temple
Located on Huangyang Mountain, the first mountain in Pearl River delta, Jintai Temple was established in late South Song Dynasty and expanded in the Qing Dynasty.

A total area of more than 3,000 square meters, the temple has three main entrance halls leading inside. Built on the side of Huangyang, the temple is to the right of Qinglong Mountain and to the left of Baohu Mountain.

Today, the temple is a popular destination for Buddhist pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. Many other facilities are planned for this area, financed by local government and a large amount of Buddhist donations.

Entrance Fee: free
Opening Hours: the whole day
How to get there: take Buses No. 402 or 609 to get there

Jintai Temple
Jintai Temple
No. 07: Agricultural Scientific Academy
Covering an area of 1.33 square kilometers, Agricultural Scientific Academy is located at the foot of Shuanglong Mountain in the Meixi Village of Qianshan Town ,Zhuhai.
Agricultural Scientific Academy is a theme attraction which offers a marvelous agricultural world with a wide variety of special fruits and rare vegetables as well as many cute animals.

Its major scenic spots include the Rare Vegetable and Fruit Garden; Soilless Cultivation Garden; Desert Arboretum Garden and the Birdie Fairyland. There are also many feature gardens ,such as the Lotus Garden, Rose Garden, Orchid Garden and so on.

Entrance Fee: CNY 30
Opening Hours: 08:30-17:30
How to get there: take Buses No. 26, 36, 105, 326 or Sightseeing Line 1 to Agricultural Scientific Academy

No. 08: Flying Sandy Beach
Flying Sandy Beach is located at the southeastern of Gaolan Island, the west of Zhuhai. With the length of 600 meters and width of 200 meters, The Flying Sandy Beach is flanked by dense subtropical plants.

There are seven spectacular beaches around the area, including Dameisha Island, Xisha Island, Baisha Island, Xieqian Island, Sanlang Island, Xizhen Island, and Wenzhou Island.

Bathing and visitor facilities are soon to be constructed on these islands. The best time to visit is in summer, when the island is at its most beautiful; however bring protection against the hot summer sun.

Entrance Fee: CNY 38
Opening Hours: the whole day
How to get there: take Bus No. 706 from the downtown area

Flying Sandy Beach
Flying Sandy Beach
No. 09: Huangyang Mountain
Huangyang Mountain, which is located at the mid-western part of Doumen District, Zhuhai City, is regarded as the “first peak in the mouth along the gateway to the Pearl River”.

Huangyang Mountain covers an area of more than 30 square kilometers. It has eight well-known attractions, including: green tea fields, Jintai Temple, “the First Stone Gate”, the deep pool, clear springs with a lovely waterfall, Zhang Shijie’s cemetery, among others. Among the attractions here, Jintai Temple is most famous. Built in 1772, the temple is located on the foot of the south face.

Entrance Fee: CNY 30
Opening Hours: 08:00-17:30
How to get there: take Bus 603 to get there

Huangyang Mountain
Huangyang Mountain
No. 10: Shijing Mountain Park
Shijing Mountain Park is famous for its rocky landscape and sits in the centre of Zhuhai. Seen at a far distance, Shijing Mountain looks like a rhinoceros raises its head and looks up at the moon.

The mountain range that falls away behind the eponymous rhino is a rocky menagerie featuring a hawk, a panda, a tiger, cattle, and a lion. The summit of Shinjing Mountain has unrivalled views of the city of Zhuhai, the churning water and the green islands dotted over it.

Shijing Mountain Ropeways is the appointed program of the one-day tour, the two-day tour and the three-day tour around the Zhuhai City. A good way for visitors to view the scenery is to take the Shijing Mountain Ropeway which starts at the foot of the mountain.

Entrance Fee: free (Ropeway: CNY 30)
Opening Hours: 09:00-17:30
How to get there: Bus No. 2, 4, 13, 20, 206, 605.

Shijing Mountain Park
Shijing Mountain Park
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