Yinchuan Taxi: Yinchuan Taxi Fares, Tips and Phones

Plan your Yinchuan tour? At the time of my writing, Yinchuan has currently over 5,000 registered taxis. The present number has a large gap with the national standard that the number of taxi should not be less than 2 per thousand persons. So, it is still a little difficult to hail a taxi on the streets in Yinchuan.

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Taxi Models in Yinchuan
The main type of taxi in Yinchuan is Xiali, Lingyang, Fukang, Jetta and Kia.

Yinchuan Taxi Fares:
•A flat fee of RMB7 covers the first 3km
•RMB1 with each additional 1.4km
•At night, all the charges increase by 20%

Taxi Call in Yinchuan
Tel: 0951-5056601

Hailing a Yinchuan City Taxi
•The best places to hail a taxi is near the Station, Scenic Spots, Hotel.
•It is very easy to hail a taxi on the streets. People prefer to hail a taxi near a bus stop instead of those taxi stands.

Yinchuan Taxi rider’s rights
As a taxi rider, you have the rights below:
Direct drive to your destination and no compulsory car pooling
Go to any destination in and beyond Yinchuan
Your car driver knows the streets in Yinchuan and the way to major destinations in Yinchuan;
Your driver should know and abide by all traffic laws;
Air-conditioning on demand;
A radio-free trip;
No Smoking
A clean passenger seat area;
A clean trunk
A driver uses the horn only when necessary to warn of danger;
No Tipping

Yinchuan Taxi Stands
There are no particular taxi stands in Yinchuan. People just hail a taxi anywhere it is safe.

Yinchuan Taxi Complaints
If you have any problem with a taxi in Yinchuan, pleas contace the following:
Yinchuan Taxi Complaining No. Tel: 0951-1996/6739183

Yinchuan Taxi Useful Information
•Using a meter instead of bargaining with the cab driver
•Refusing a forced pooling taxi
•The Long-distance Bus Station – Yichuan Hedong Airport: RMB80-100
•Yinchuan Hedong Airport – YInchuan City Center : RMB100
•The Railway Station – the City Center: RMB15

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