Shenzhen Taxi: Shenzhen Taxi Fares, Tips and Phones


Plan your Shenzhen tour? At the time of my writing, Shenzhen has about 20,000 taxis. There are three types of taxis in Shenzhen, the Red, Yellow and Green taxis.

The green taxis are only allowed to operate outside the Special Economic Zone. There are many star graded taxi drivers in Shenzhen who can satisfy the all the passengers with their tour guide knowledge, excellent English and good service.

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Taxi Models in Shenzhen
Most of the taxies at Shenzhen are Santana 200, Red Flage and Passat with red, yellow and green three colors in the body part.Shenzhen Taxi Fares:
Taxi fares vary greatly inside and outside the Special Economic Zone.

Inside the Special Economic Zone
•RMB 10 for the first 2 kilometer
•RMB 2.4 for each additional kilometer
•RMB0.8 for each 1 minute waiting
•an additional charge of 30% of the taxi fare would be additionally charge beyond 25km (23:00-06:00)

Outside the Special Economic Zone
•RMB6 for the first 1.5km (Green Taxi)
•RMB10 for the fist 2 km (Red and Yellow taxi)
•RMB 2.4 for each additional kilometer
•An additional charge of 30% of the fare would be charged beyond 25km (06:00-23:00)
•RMB 0.8for each 1 minute idling

Shenzhen Taxi Company Bookings
If you need to book a taxi, please make the call as following which are the companies with the longest history in Shenzhen:

•Shenzhen Henggang Taxi Company                       Tel:0755-83166666
•Shenzhen Sanxin Taxi Company.                         Tel:0755-25509613
•Shenzhen Yingtong Taxi Company                        Tel: 0755-83551078
•Shenzhen Yide Taxi Company                            Tel:0755-28184496
•Shengzhen Chuangjia Taxi Company                      Tel:0755-21698299

Hailing a taxi in Shenzhen

•You can get a taxi anywhere in Shenzhen, but do not hail a taxi in the non-stop area.

Shenzhen Taxi rider’s rights
As a taxi rider, you have the rights below:
Direct drive to your destination and no compulsory car pooling
Go to any destination in and beyond Shenzhen
Your car driver knows the streets in Shenzhen and the way to major destinations in Shenzhen;
Your driver should know and abide by all traffic laws;
Air-conditioning on demand;
A radio-free trip;
No Smoking
A clean passenger seat area;
A clean trunk
A driver uses the horn only when necessary to warn of danger.

Shenzhen Taxi Stands
You will find taxi stands on the road in Shenzhen. You can take a taxi anywhere in Shenzhen, but remember do not to hail a taxi on non-stop area. The taxi stand in Shenzhen is intelligentized. As long as people press the Button, the driver 100 meter-away will receive the single swiftly.

Shenzhen Taxi Complaints
If you have any problem with a taxi in Shenzhen, please contact the following:
•Shenzhen Price Bureau.: 0755-12358

Shenzhen Taxi Useful Information
•Baoan and Longgang District are not included in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone
•In some Shenzhen taxis you can pay by Shenzhen Tong Card which is issued by the government for people who use the public inner city transportation.
•Shenzhen Airport –Luohu Station: RMB120
•Shenzhen Airport – the Window of the World: RMB70
•Luohu Station – the Window of the World: RMB50

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8 thoughts on “Shenzhen Taxi: Shenzhen Taxi Fares, Tips and Phones

  1. I took a taxi from Shopping Park to Shixia (Red Taxi) tonight June 5th, Digital camera fell out of my pocket and was left in the cab. Do not have receipt from ride, but camera is a Samsung digital camera. Would really like to regain possession of camera. Tell me where I can collect the lost property, or let me know that I can retrieve the camera. My contact number is 1382 747 2051.

    Jim Birnker

  2. Hello James Brinker,

    Sorry to know you’ve lost your digital camera. You may try to contact Transport Commission of Shenzhen Municipality which administrates the service of the taxis in Shenzhen.

    Hotline ( Transport Commission ): 0755-83228000 ( inquiry ), 0755-83168199 ( contact number ); fax: 0755-83168999

    Good luck!

  3. Tonight I took the taxi from Futian to Shekou and usually the taxi fare cost ¥60 but I got to pay double price because you know why ? The taxi driver took me around & around I know because he passed the same road & same building twice, I been living in China for almost 2 year but I didn’t tell him that he might think I’m just foreigner come for visit. His card driving number is Cz 0123851. I’m really DISAPPOINTED!

  4. Hello,

    I was cheated quite badly last week when took an official taxi from official Shenzhen airport taxi waiting place. Taxi taken on 27th October at 22:40.

    Taksimeter running as supposed and also the amount of charge increasing with normal speed.
    After coming to my hotel paying the taxi ride that was 158 RMB and got a receipt that I was unfortunately checking carefully enough because it was dark and able to see the receipt well in the car.

    After looking the receipt more carefully when got the hotel room, the amountg in receipt was 10 RMB. How I can now reimburse the taxi ride from my compaany when I do not have correct receipt ??

    Taxi license plate number was B – 7U8Z5. It was red colored taxi.

    Where to complain this to get feedback given to right addres ? To the Shenzhen airport taxi services (E -mail ?) because they were not able to ensure legal taxi at their official taxi waiting area…, to the taxi comppany (E -mail ?) or where ??

  5. I am working as a foreign expert in Shenzhen. I normally prefer TiDi but this morning I took taxi from the Airport to the NanShan District. The meter bill was 82 RMB but he took, 91 RMB. I asked him that he is taking more, but he was using some slang language and repeatedly was asking me, to hit my mouth. I tried to take picture of his ID, which he did not allow me. Finally I only have his car number, B-3G4G7 (red color). Anyone know, where I should need to complaint against his fraud and very aggressive attitude.

  6. Hello!

    I would like to get to know how easily it could be to get a taxi from Futian Railway Station to Airland Hotel, Shenzhen and do taxi drivers always give a bill?

    Thank you

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