Guangzhou Taxi: Guangzhou Taxi Fares, Tips and Phones

Plan your Guangzhou tour? Currently Guangzhou has thousands of taxis operated by over 80 taxi companies with taxis in different colors such as yellow, blue, maroon. Taking taxi is a common and convenient way for transportation within the city.

Taxi Models in Guangzhou
The models of taxi in Guangzhou include Jetta, Volkswagen, Santana, Red-flag, Sonata, Buick, Golden cup, Citroen and more.  The taxis in Guangzhou have 7 colors – red, yellow, blue, green, silver…

Guangzhou Taxi

Guangzhou Taxi Fares:
•RMB 12 flag-drop for the first  3 km
• RMB 2.6 per each km beyond 2.5 km.
• Meters will automatically add additional 50% after running 25 km for returning empty

Guangzhou Taxi Company Booking Calls
If you need to book a taxi, please make the calls:
Tel: 96900
Tel: 96122
Tel: 83600000

Hailing a Guangzhou City Taxi
The best places to hail a taxi is near the Station, the Airport, Bus stop, Scenic Spots, Hotel and the taxi stands.

Guangzhou Taxi rider’s rights
As a taxi rider, you have the rights below:
Direct drive to your destination and no compulsory car pooling;
Go to any destination in and beyond Guangzhou;
Your car driver knows the streets in Guangzhou and the way to major destinations in Guangzhou;
Your driver should know and abide by all traffic laws;

Air-conditioning on demand;  A radio-free trip;  No Smoking  A clean passenger seat area;  A clean trunk  A driver uses the horn only when necessary to warn of danger;

Important Tip
Please remember to ask for and keep the receipt because there is taxi identification number on it and this comes in handy when you forget some valuables in a taxi.

Guangzhou Taxi Complaints
If you have any problem with a taxi in Guangzhou, please contact the following:
•Guangzhou Taxi Complaining No.: 020-96900

If You forgot your luggage in a taxi, What can you do?

First, if you have a paper receipt for your taxi ride. It is easy to find the taxi company and contact them for your lost luggage.

If not, things will be a bit complicated. Try the three ways below:

1. Try to remember the color of your taxi and with the help of the local people around you, find the taxi company and call them.

2. With the help of your local Chinese friends, you can contact the local traffic radio station (Each city has a traffic radio), asking them to assist you finding your luggage. Most of the taxi drivers listen to the radio.

3. Call 110 and tell your story. Maybe you have the CCTV (surveillance cameras) on the streets to know the taxi you got off.

Anyhow, don’t give up! Good luck!

Guangzhou Taxi Useful Information
•Using a meter instead of bargaining with the cab driver
•If you want to take a taxi to suburban areas of Guangzhou, you can have a bargain with the driver before you get in the taxi.
•Guangzhou Railway Station – Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport: RMB100
•Guangzhou Eastern Railway Station – Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport: RMB150
•Guangzhou Fangchun Bus Station – Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport: RMB120

Guangzhou Taxi Stands
Generally speaking, the taxi stop boards are located just not far from the bus station boards and those large departments and shopping malls often has special stop for taxi passengers.

However, people still hail a taxi anywhere they feel safe and convenient.

Tip : Hassle-free Guangzhou Guided Tours
If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for guided tours to Guangzhou:

Guangzhou Half Day Tour  from US$75 p/p
Guangzhou Highlight Day Tour    from US$80  p/p

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Any questions,  just drop a line.

100 thoughts on “Guangzhou Taxi: Guangzhou Taxi Fares, Tips and Phones

  1. I need to reach Shenzhen from Guangzgou. I will reach Guangzhou at 1:00 AM. Can I get a Taxi from GZ Airport and what will be the fare. I have my family and we are 3 people.

  2. Hello Sameer Arora,

    As far as I know, taking a taxi from Guangzhou airport to Shenzhen costs at least RMB 600. Just for your reference.

  3. Hello Sammer,

    There are two Ximala Business Hotels: Ximala Business Hotel (Jia He) (嘉禾); Ximala Business Hotel (Hua Du) (花都);

    1. Ximala Business Hotel (Jia He) (嘉禾) – Pa Zhou complex: 32km, aprrox. RMB90

    2.Ximala Business Hotel (Hua Du) (花都) – Pa Zhou complex: 51km, aprrox. RMB140

  4. could you help me to give me information to choose taxi from Baiyun Airport at midnight? because i have never been in china before. Where can i reserve taxi at airport? what is the name of a taxi brand? what colour of a taxi? how much from baiyun airport to hotel bauhinia, jiefang south road. it will use a meter or they will ask the price to me?

  5. Hello Adi,

    First, don’t worry too much about taking a taxi in Guangzhou. Baiyun Airport has many English signs that make things quite easier.

    Guangzhou is a nightless city. You don’t have to reserve a taxi at Baiyun Airport and there are always taxis available. You just follow the signboard pointing to the taxi stand and line up for taking a taxi. The taxis in Guangzhou have 7 colors – red, yellow, blue, gree, silver…

    The taxi ride from Baiyun Airport to hotel bauhinia is about 32km, taxi fare around RMB 100. You must insist in using a meter and ask for a receipt after you pay your taxi fare. The receipt will be printed out by your taxi driver. The taxi receipt has the name of the taxi company that is helpful.

    Kindly reminder: just ignore anybody coming to you for airport pickup service, and just follow the sign for the airport official taxi stand to take your taxi.

    Have a good transfer at Baiyun Airport!

  6. Hi,

    Could you tell me how much is the taxi fare from Baiyun airport to Yingbin Hotel?

    Thanks in advance.


  7. Hello Tedy,

    The taxi ride from Baiyun airport to Yinbin Hotel is about 30km, 40minutes and taxi fare RMB 90.

  8. I will be traveling to Guangzhou end of this month and will be arrive at Baiyun airport at 1am in the morning. (my hotel at Renmin Road). Are there any additional charges if i’m traveling using taxi after midnight? If taxi refuse to use meter what should i do and where can place my report.?

  9. Hello Kai,

    As far as we know, there is no extra cost for mid-night drive. You’d better to take a taxi from an official taxi stand at Baiyun airport and insist on using meters. If a taxi refuses to use a meter, you either call the airport service hotline 020-36066999 or check the taxi’s company phone number shown on the dashboard.

  10. Can u tell me if there is any sharing Taxi from GZ airport to SZ . I m arriving at 7 am in GZ on china southern airlines from delhi on 24th april and wud like to reach fatsest in an economical price, i understand taking a taxi alone will not cost me less than 600-700 RMB

  11. Hello MANISH,

    We have no information on the sharing taxi from Baiyun airport to Shenzhen. You may use the cheap public transport + train if you don’t have a tight schedule.

    First take the airport express shuttle bus from Baiyun airport to Guangzhou railway station (广州火车站) and buy the high-speed train ticket for Shenzhen ( plentiful trains!)
    Total cost: 16 + 99.5 (first class) = RMB 115.5

    Please remember you go to the right train station: Guangzhou Railway Station ( not the east station, not the north station, not the south station).

    Just for your reference. Have a good transfer!

  12. Hi,
    Could you tell me how much is the taxi fare from Baiyun airport to Fortune Hotel?
    Could you tell me the name of this hotel in chinese speaking?
    Thanks you so much

  13. HelloHang Luong,

    Baiyun Airport – Fortune Hotel: about 58km, taxi fare ¥200.

    Fortune Hotel Chinese Name: 广州聚福大酒店

  14. Dear sir
    I would like to know the cost by taxi from baiyun airport to sansui garden hotel

    christos tziambazis

  15. Hello christos,

    Sansui Garden Hotel? Do you mean Sanshui Garden Hotel (add: No.39 Guanghai Middle Road, Sanshui District, Foshan 528100, China) ? Sanshui Garden Hotel is about 65km from Guangzhou, fare RMB 200 ( in most cases, you should bargain with your taxi driver since your hotel is beyond Guangzhou. Have a good time!

  16. Hello Sir!

    I’d like to know the cost of a taxi ride from Grand View Mall in Tianhe District to Guangzhou International Sports Arena.

    Thx so much!

  17. Hello Ah Fung,

    The distance between Grand View Mall in Tianhe District (广州正佳飞扬影城) and Guangzhou International Sports Arena (广州国际体育演艺中心) is about 23km, taxi fare about RMB 70.

  18. Hello Sir Daniel~

    Thx for the reply. I also want to know if it is hard to get a taxi after an event in GISA? It is my frist time to watch a concert there, so I need t know. Is it also possible in Guangzhou to hire a taxi to take me to GISA and back to my hotel after the concert or i just hire a car rental service? Thx

  19. Hello Ah Fung,

    Sorry for our delayed answer due to the absence of the internet! Basically, easier to go to GISA by taxi, but a little difficult to take a taxi back from GISA. If you hire a taxi or rent a private car, the cost will be much higher. If you are not pressed for time, it is advisable to wait patiently for a possible taxi. Have a good time!

  20. Hi, I arr Baiyun airport on 15/10/2013 at 12.40am…….Any taxi to 金艺酒店在大德路?and how much will charge? Thanks

  21. Hello Jenny,

    It is easy to hail a taxi from Baiyun airport to 金艺酒店 with taxi fare about RMB 100 ( 33km ). Have a good trip!

  22. How far is Huaisheng Mosque from Baiyun Airport?
    If i go to Huaisheng Mosque by taxi (from Baiyun) and what is the cost?
    Please reply ASAP. Tq

  23. Hi,

    Could you please let me know what would be the taxi charges from Guangzhou Airport to Hotel Landmark Canton, Guang Road.

    Also please let me know what would the taxi fare from Guangzhou to Foshan.

    Thank you.

  24. Hello HImali,

    1) Guangzhou Airport to Hotel Landmark Canton:about RMB 170 (54km)taxi

    2. Guangzhou to Foshan: about RMB300

  25. I just would like to ask how much is the taxi fare from Baiyun Guangzhou international airport to Garden Hotel…I check on the bus it is only available until 1 a.m.

  26. Hi, need help. I will arrive Guangzhou at 11.30pm midnight and then needs to go to Shenzhen. I prefer to go by taxi. Is it safe to go from Guangzhou to Shenzhen by taxi in the middle of the night ? How much will be the fare? How much time will it take? This is my first trip to China. Getting the answers will be really helpful.

  27. Hello Ashraf Hoque,

    As far as I know, it costs approximately RMB 500 to take a taxi from Guangzhou airport to Shenzhen. Just for your reference.

  28. I want to go from Guangzhou to Foshan. details are:

    From Guangzhou hotel at 1130 am on 30 Mar 2014: Yuehao International Hotel, no.366-370,Hebian Helong first road, Jiahe Street, Baiyun, Guangzhou, 510440, China

    To Foshan Hotel: Ceramics International Hotel, No.168 Jihua West Road, Chancheng District Foshan, 528000, China

    Please give me the RMBs plz

  29. Hello RIZWAN,

    The taxi ride from Guangzhou hotel or Yuehao International Hotel to Foshan Ceramics International Hotel is approx. 36km, taxi fare about RMB 130. Just for your reference. Have a good trip!

  30. Good day.

    We are a company of 4 reaching baiyun after midnight.

    Our hotel is at warmyes pa zhou. Roughly how much would it cost ?

    Many thanks in advance

  31. Hello Rms,

    Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Warmyes Hotel is about 48km, taxi fare approx. RMB 140

  32. I want to travel in Guangzhou city full day

    Please let me know for full day how much is charges for call taxi and how many hours and Km we can do on Taxi

    what are the charges


  33. Hello Sarwar,

    Most taxi drivers prefer to use meters to charge the distance and time covered. If you want to know the taxi charge in advance, we suggest you negotiate with a local car rental company.

  34. Pls advise taxi fare from 1) Baiyun to Lido Hotel, Beijing Lu?

    2) Guangzhou Railway south station to Lido hotel?


  35. Hello Jamie,

    1) Baiyun to Lido Hotel, Beijing Lu?
    32km, approx. RMB90 for taxi fare

    2) Guangzhou Railway south station to Lido hotel?
    21km, RMB 60 for the taxi fare

  36. Hi,
    Please advice if there is any taxi service in midnight around 12 from Guangzhou south railway station to Guangzhou Baiyun Intl airport, what approximate fare will be for that route? As I will arrive in midnight and I have fight at 8 I’m the morning.
    Thank you in advance for your valuable suggestion.


  37. Hello Neel,

    The taxi drive from Guangzhou South Railway Station to Guangzhou airport is about 60km, costing about RMB200. Have a good transfer!

  38. Hi Daniel, thanks for your information. what about the taxi availability in mid night? can i catch up around 12 or 01 in the mid night? will they charge me any extara fare, like night charge??!!!
    please advice.
    Thanks a lot.

  39. Hello Neel,

    Basically the taxis in Guangzhou are available in 24 hours a day. The extra night taxi fares will be automatically calculated into your bill.

    But there are some problems regarding the night taxis. Some taxi drivers are reluctant to use the meters at night in a hope to negotiate with you about the taxi fare. Hopefully, you will meet a nice taxi driver. Have a good trip!

  40. Hi,

    I am arriving on Saturday 27th June (17:00hrs) and require a taxi from Guangzhou Baiyun Intl airport to Houjie Town Dongguan. Please advice me how much the taxi fare will be for 4 adults (and their baggage).

    Thank you in advance for your help.


  41. Hello Francis,

    The taxi ride from Baiyun Airport to Houjie Town Dongguan is about 87 km. The taxi fare is approx. RMB 290( daytime) and RMB 340 ( night ) excluding any toll fees.Just for your reference. Have a nice trip!

  42. Hello

    I will travel to Guangzhou, how much taxi cost from the airport up to Jin Ying hotel

    , If I want to rent taxi with driver for 10 days from 08 am up to 10:00 pm how much cost.


  43. Hello Hasim,

    It is a 33km drive from Guangzhou airport to Jin Ying hotel, costing you about RMB 100.

    As for renting taxi with driver for 10 days from 08 am up to 10:00 pm, please negotiate with your taxi driver. It is never a fixed rental price for taxis.

  44. i will arrive baiyu airport at 2am in the morning . is the airport express bus still running.
    is it possible to get taxis with meter
    pls advise thank you

  45. Hello Leen,

    At such hours, the airport shuttle doesn’t run. You may take a taxi and each taxi is required to use a meter. Most of the local taxi drivers are willing to use a meter since it is fair to both sides. Have a nice trip!

  46. Hello,
    Hope you can help me.
    I will be arriving Baiyun Airport at 2am in the morning and I need to travel to Furtuna Hotel in Lecong.
    Can I take a taxi from the airport? How much does it cost?
    I had have bad experience when taking a taxi from Guangzhou to Foshan. The taxi driver charged me 150 yuan and dropped me outside Foshan saying his Guangzhou taxi cannot enter Foshan. He also exchanged fake money to me.
    Thank you

  47. Hello Alan,

    Sorry for the bad guys in the taxi team of Guangzhou. Just keep on guide and protect yourself from taxi scams. Do you mean Foshan Fortuna Hotel? It is located about 65 km south of Baiyun Airport. Taking a taxi to Foshan is expensive, costing you about RMB 210 ( just for your reference).

    Basically, the Foshan taxis charge more than Guangzhou taxi, so try to use Gangzhou taixs. Have a good luck!

    In Guangzhou, after 30km, you have to pay 50% more for the taxi returning empty.


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