Annual Selection of Outstanding Staff Members 2010 at

Checking the votes
Counting the votes


The vote for the excellent staff members 2010 at starts 9:10am this morning. Everyone in is eligible to ballot for the purpose of choosing 6 outstanding employees from the six sections – IT Section, Accountanting Section, Sales and Marketing Section, English Section One, English Section Two and Euro-American Section.

 Everyone is required to ballot by marking the names of the nominees on the pre-printed form without signature. To conduct a fair, constructive, and effective appraisal and selection, three persons are involved to ensure the balloting is fair and correct – One speaks out the names of the marked candidates; one counts the votes and one checks the ballots.
Outstanding Employee Selection Conditions
1. Abide by the rules and regulations set by the company
2. Work hard
3. Good Performance
4. Ready to help others
5. Get along well with co-workers
Not long the final voting result comes out. The six elected model workers are Ms Mary Ma, Ms Linde He, Mr. Johny Hao, Mr. Shiyi, Ms Li Li and Ms Tina Tong. They will be awarded for their exemplary performance in their positions during the 2010 Year-end summary meeting to be held next Monday Jan 17, 2011.

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