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  1. Elen vercoe says:

    Would you please email directions for travel on the express airport train from the Novotel Beijing Peace hotel to Terminal 3 Beijing Capital airport. Many thanks.

  2. admin says:

    First walk from your Nootel Peace to Wangfujing Stop (王府井)of Metro Line 1, get off at Jianguomen Stop (建国门), then interchange for Metro Line 2 and again interchange for airport express at Dongzhimen Stop (东直门). You have to buy a CNY25 express train ticket for Beijing capital airport.

  3. sherrie says:

    How do i catch the train from Beijing Capital airport to Novotel Beijing Xin Qiao?

  4. admin says:

    No direct train from Beijing capital airport to Novotel Xinqiao. You are advised first to take the airport express train to its final stop at Dongzhimen (东直门), then interchange for subway line 2 and get off at Exit A1 of Chongwenmen Stop (崇文门), then walk to your Novotel Hotel Xinqiao which is just next to the stop of Chongwenmen at Subway Line 2.

  5. Sarah says:

    I arrive in Beijing on Saturday 25th May in the afternoon around 3pm. I am staying at the chong wen ment hotel No.2 West Chiongwenmen Street. I have worked out that i need to catch the airport express subway to Donghzimen and then change over to line 2 and catch it in the right direction to Chongwenmen Station.
    The part i need help with is directions on how i get to my hotel from the subway station?
    I have tried to look on google maps but they are showing me two different locations!!
    Please can anyone help me?
    Thank you

  6. Kirsty says:

    I will be staying in Novotel Xin Qiao 22nd and 23rd January and want to visit the Summer Palace and the Forbidden City if we have time in one full day. I have heard taxi’s can be slow due to traffic hold ups, so can you please help with explaining the way by subway to both these sites.

  7. Daniel says:

    Hi Kirsty,

    You can visit both Forbidden City and Summer Palace in one day by subway.

    1. Walk to your nearest Subway Station of Dengshikou ( 灯市口) of Subway Line 5. Ask your hotel for the direction to the station ( 340 m).

    2. From Subway Station of Dengshikou, you take the subway line 5 to the north direction and get off at the 7th station of Huixinxijie Nankou ( 惠新西街南), then interchange for Subway Line 10 in the west direction and get off at the 8th station of Haihuangzhuang (海淀黄庄站),again interchange for Subway Line 4 in the north direction and get off at the 4th station of Xiyuan Station 西苑站 and exit from Exit A (A口出), then walk to the east gate to Summer Palace ( 740 m ).

    The above transport plus walk takes about one hour.

    3. At the end of Summer Palace, you retrace by taking same subway line 4 from Xiyuan Station in the southeast direction and get off the 14th station of Xidan (西单)and interchange for Subway Line 1 in the east direction and get off Next Station of Tiananmen West, exit from Exit B and walk to Forbidden City (1.1 km ).

    The above transport plus walk takes about one hour and 20 minutes.

    3. Back from the northern gate to Forbidden City to your hotel.
    It is a bit tricky to get from the northern gate to your hotel. It is only 3 km away. You may walk or take the public bus No. 103. The bus station is about 200 m on the right side of the road in front of the northerh gate to Forbidden City. You get off at the 4th station of Xindongan Shichang (新东安市场站 ).

    No taxis are allowed to wait in front of the northern gate to Forbidden City, and you have to walk very far to hail a taxi.

    Kindly reminder: just forget ricshaw, many scams.

    At the end of your Forbidden City, I suggest you continue to visit Jingshan Park and get to the top of the Jingshan Hill to have a panoramic view of Forbidden City and view an amazing sunset also.

    See my three blogs below, which may be a bit useful for you:

    How to Visit Summer Palace

    How to Visit Forbidden City

    Jingshan Park not to missed

    Sunset Viewed from Jingshan Hill

    Lastly, please check the top 10 tourist scams in Beijing to be vigilant against possible scams!

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    Have a nice time in Beijing!

  8. Solomon says:

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  9. Daniel says:

    Dear Solomon,

    As for hotel booking, please check out the link:

    Have a nice trip in China!

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