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欢迎分享南外每日英语早餐! 南外每日英语早餐原创编辑来自于南外英语系群。目前英语早餐内容包括三大主题:热点新闻直通车 、清波门看世界和每日英语。

热点新闻直通车:国际热点时事新闻报道和深度分析文章(CBS, CNN, ABC, NBC, CNBC, CTV...)

清波门看世界: 英中对照编辑海外主流媒体关于当今世界文化和旅游的报道和专题文章。

每日英语: 英语单词 、 词组 、 俚语和习语。选词和例句全部来自当前主流英语媒体。南外英语系群每日英语特点:及时性 、 热点性 、 新潮流行性和趋势性。例句和解释全部标明出处,原汁原味。欢迎留言和交流学习。

今日新闻直通车 World News Daily Report

Millions of people around the world are walking out of their schools and workplaces Friday to demand urgent action on climate change.
--- Photo from CBS News

1.Chinese trade negotiators cancel US farm visit, cut trip short. (Breaking News!)

2.Trump says going into Iran would be a "very easy decision".

3. What Greta Thunberg, Michael Bloomberg, and a meteorologist want you to do to help the Earth.

4. Tour operator Thomas Cook teetering on financial collapse.

5. Hillary Clinton: Trump 'asked a foreign power to help him win an election. Again'.

6. Trudeau announces ban on assault rifles as part of gun control promise .

7. Beretta PMX Submachine Gun Makes US Debut at Modern Day Marine.

清波门看世界 Seeing the world through Qingbomen's eyes

Fall travel 2019: 10 fantastic places and what to do there

The world's 10 coolest neighborhoods, according to Time Out

《Time Out》杂志评选出的全球十大最酷社区

今日单词 Word of the Day

(Noun & Verb )

When companies attempt to make themselves look environmentally friendly (usually when they're not especially environmentally
friendly). (yourdictionary)

to make people believe that your company is doing more to protect the environment than it really is. (Cambridge)

expressions of environmentalist concerns especially as a cover for products, policies, or activities. (Merriam-Webster)


There’s a practice called greenwashing, whereby polluting companies devote relatively minor resources to environmental causes to reap public relations windfalls. — Brian Beutler, New Republic, "Ivanka Trump’s Political Brand Is Dead," 2 June 2017.

President Donald Trump has been accused of ‘greenwashing’ his record after telling the American public in a press conference that keeping the environment clean is a top priority and claiming that he has done more for the environment than any prior administration.

Before we praise the oil companies, let’s understand what’s actually happening here. In most ways, they couldn’t be happier with the Trump administration — except when the administration gets so overenthusiastic that it undermines the greenwashing the industry has been putting so much effort into. ( The Washington Post)

今日词组 Phrase of the Day

wild card
pull out (the) wild cards
play a wild card

Meaning (Cambridge)
someone or something whose behaviour is sometimes unexpected
无法预言的人(或事物); 不可预知 ;充满变数

The wild card in this election is the Green Party - no one knows exactly how much support they will get.

The whole thing is a wild card. Will Bernie Sanders burn down the stage? Will Joe Biden be able to fend off a barrage of attacks? Will the 1-percenters throw bombs at their rivals to get attention, or play it safe in their first introduction to a national audience?

“I would think it's the most likely [outcome], except Netanyahu is such a master of politics. He was able to pull wild cards in the past, so I think if anyone is capable of staying in power, it's him,” said Israeli academic Elizabeth Tsurkov, a fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. “It's a matter not just of political survival but also of avoiding prison time. So, he'll pull out all the stops.”
(NationalInterest.org) Sep 18, 2019

今日俚语 Slang of the Day

Noun (plural right-to-lifers)

Meaning (yourdictionary)
1. One who espouses a position of support for fetuses' right to life; a pro-lifer; one who opposed abortion. (指反对堕胎的人)

2. One who is opposed to the legalization of euthanasia.

Note: right to life 生存权,生命权(指反对堕胎)

The special congressional election Tuesday in Pennsylvania is fast upon us in all its tragicomic hilarity. The seat is vacant because former Republican congressman Tim Murphy fell short in the family values department. An ardent right-to-lifer, he had an extramarital affair and then, amid a pregnancy scare, asked his paramour to have an abortion. (USA Today)

In an interview Wednesday on “Meet the Press Daily,” Mr. Jones said he becomes a “right-to-lifer” only “once a baby is born.”
“I’m not in favor of anything that is going to infringe on a woman’s right in her freedom to choose,” the former U.S. attorney said when asked if he would support a 20-week ban on abortion. “That’s just the position that I’ve had for many years. It’s the position that I continue to have.”

今日习语 Idiom of the Day

Megaphone diplomacy

Meaning (usingenglish.com)
If negotiations between countries or parties are held through press releases and announcements, this is megaphone diplomacy, aiming to force the other party into adopting a desired position. 
扩音器外交: 隔空喊话的外交政策; 两国透过发布消息向对方喊话施压的外交

Megaphone diplomacy is good for selling papers, but harmful for Australia-China relations . (theconversation.com)

Trudeau’s megaphone diplomacy is not helping anyone, least of all Schellenberg, who was convicted twice on possession and trafficking back in Canada.  

Anything that threatens to upset the delicate equilibrium created by the Iran nuclear deal has now to be seen in this wider and infinitely more volatile context. If we are becoming inured to the dangers of Trump’s megaphone diplomacy, even giving it the benefit of the doubt as a sometimes valid way of doing things, that acceptance could come at the worst possible time. Iran could be the exception that proves the rule.


English Breakfast Sept 21, 2019


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