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国际热点 Top Stories

At least 5 dead, 8 missing after New Zealand volcano erupts (ABC)

Putin, new Ukrainian leader Zelenskiy meet for first time (CBS)

Finland's Sanna Marin to become world's youngest prime minister at 34 (CNN)

AP Exclusive: Troops that defied Maduro have fled Venezuela

Borrell urges EU to be foreign policy ‘player, not the playground’ ( Politico Europe)

美国时政 US Politics

Trump says DOJ report ‘far worse than I would have ever thought possible,’ despite no finding of political bias (ABC)

Democrats and the Trump administration near a tentative North American trade deal ( CNBC)

Bloomberg: Barr 'is more concerned with protecting the president than protecting our country from Russia' ( The Hill)

BREAKING: As Impeachment Moves Ahead Trump Surges in Battleground States (Firehouse Strategies)

Biden says he’ll consider Harris as his running mate ( Politico)

Pierce Bush announces bid for suburban Houston congressional seat (The Texas Tribune)

军事 Military

Acting Navy Secretary Hints at Naval Force Larger Than 355 Ships ( Military)

Commandant Responds to Troubling Study on Marine Corps Culture ( Military)

旅行 Travel

The world's 17 best Christmas markets (CNN)

The most visited cities in the world 2019 (CNN)

8 warm places to go for Christmas around the world (CNN)

英汉对照呆牛世界 Daniel's Lens

National Geographic : Here are the best trips to take in 2020


今日俚语 Slangs of the Day

pancake people 煎饼人
people who read widely but superficially on the web
随着网络和各种信息渠道的发展,很多人不再将精力专注于某一个感兴趣的领域,每天阅读大量无需太多思考的碎片信息,让自己的关注点浅浅地散布在一个很大的范围。由此产生了新一代的“煎饼人” ,(“门门通,门门松”)(Jack of all trades, master of none)

Playwright Richard Foreman made a great observation about this. He warned that we risk turning in to “pancake people – spread wide and thin as we connect with that vast network of information accessed by the mere touch of a button”. --- Frances Booth Forbes

Information Overload: Are You One Of The 'Pancake People'? Are you overwhelmed by information overload? Do you struggle to take in all the information coming at you from websites, social media feeds, and email? Sometimes the amount of information coming at us can seem just too much to handle. It’s never-ending.

flame war (also flame-war)
An online discussion on a group chat, newsgroup, forum, or thread of blog comments in which debate about a subject degenerates into an exchange of personal insults.

A flame-war in our chat room erupted last night and it was just boring.

I'm not going to point fingers, I'm not going to take sides, I'm not going to engage in a flame war in our chat room.

fair-weather friend 酒肉朋友,只能共安乐不能共患难的人
noun [ C usually singular ]
someone who is a good friend when it is easy to be one and who stops being one when you are having problems;
someone who can be depended on only when everything is going well

The President seems to love the troops, unless, of course, it's raining or there's a draft and he is required to serve. In both of those cases, well, the President was unwilling to inconvenience himself for the military. He is, quite literally, a fair-weather friend, engaging with the men and women who put their lives on the line to defend our nation only when it benefits him.

gravy train
noun [ C usually singular ] ​
a way of making money quickly, easily; used to refer to a situation in which someone can make a lot of money for very little effort.

Farmers ride the gravy train as Trump boosts welfare to the Heartland.
Between this year and last, U.S. farmers will receive about $27 billion in so-called aid because of the president’s damaging policies

guerrilla proofreading 爱挑错的,公众纠错
guerrilla proofreader 公众纠错师
Marking up a public sign to correct or point out a grammatical error or typo指把一些公众指示牌记下来纠正或提出语法或拼写错误。

Tony is a college English teacher, and he really enjoys so-called guerrilla proofreading in his spare time. Whenever he sees something wrong on a public sign, he would mark it down and write to the government to complain about it.

the tea
pill the tea
To gossip. When someone is dishing "the tea," they're gossiping, particularly with the juiciest or most dramatic gossip.
the best kind of gossip, typically shared between friends. it’s a bonding tool for people of all ages. tea is usually about someone you know, but can also extend to celebrities random internet scandals, etc.

"Let's call Wendy. She always has the tea."

All right, spill the tea—what really happened at the party last night?

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