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Yining trip, My first trip to Ili Valley

Friday, July 1st, 2011
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Plan your Xinjiang tour? Yining, or Ghulja is the capital city of the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture. The Ili Kazakj Autonomous Prefecture (Simplied as Ili or Yili) is located in the Ili Valley ( or Yili Valley), administers 1 city and 8 counties: the capital city of Yining and with 8 counties including the namesake Yining County, Xinyuan, Gongliu, Nileke, Teks, Zhaosu, Huocheng and Chaxian County.

The city of Ying is about 78 km east of Huoergousi Port, 700km west of Urumqi. The Ili River passes through the city of Yining from East to the west, the only river in China which flows from East to West. Yining City borders Keguqin Mountain in the north and Tianshan Mountains in the south.

Ili (Yilin) is a green plain, a fertile delta of Ili River which is formed by three principal tributaries – Kashi River, Kunes River, and Tekes River. Yining is situated on the north of the Ili Valley in the form of an open trumpet with its big mouth facing the west.

Ili Valley

Ili Valley


Driving on the Ili Valley

Driving on the Ili Valley


After May each year, lavenders begin to blossom around the valley and turn the place into a sea of purple. The lavender in Ili takes 90% of all total lavender production in China.

Lavenders begin to blossom around the valley

Visit Kazanqi by riding horse carts,  the protected old area in Yining.

Visit Kazanqi (an old residential region in Rain ) by riding horse carts, the protected old area in Yining.

Uygur Kids

Uygur Kids

Vegetable vendors

Vegetable vendor

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