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The Most Beautiful Yadan Landforms in China

Thursday, February 16th, 2012
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The word “Yadan” originates from Uyghur in Xinjiang which means “steep hills”. It refers to the small hills of various sizes and landforms which have been formed by years of wind and water erosion.
Now “Yadan” has become a geological term for the typical landforms – Yadan Landforms. The most beautiful Yadan Landforms is located in Wuerhe District of Karamay, about 90km northeast from Karamay City center,400km from Urumqi City.
The Yadan Landforms in Wuerhe of Karamay is also called a Ghost Town due to the strange noises made when strong wind blow past the different landforms. It is really a ghost town – cloudy sky, dusty air, arid land, whistling in the wind, sandy rocks of various forms.
See my Ghost Town in Wuerhe of Karamay

Take a wheeled train visiting the Yadan landforms in Wuerhe Karamay in Xinjiang

The Ghost Town are well paved for tourists

Come closer to the unique Yadan landforms.

Its landforms resemble the pyramids in Egypt

The wheeled train is waiting by the -steep Hill-.


What do these small hills look like, Ha!