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Walk around West Lake in early morning Hangzhou

Monday, January 2nd, 2012
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Plan your Hangzhou tour? An early morning stroll around West Lake is highly recommended. Why? The early morning view of West lake is fantastic and no tourist hordes get you elbowed.

I start up my first day in the new year by having a stroll around West Lake near my lodging hotel in Hangzhou – Hanting Express ( Xihu Meiyuan Hangzhou).

At 6:00am I stop staying snuggled in my warm bed and get up. After a quick teeth brushing and face washing, I go out on to the quiet street paralleling the lake. It is still dark outside.

Of course, I’m not the only person on the street. A water splashing truck is passing by making the street wet. On the way to the most famous section of the lake front park- Hubin Park ( Lakeshore Park).

I come across several early morning risers. They are young people, look like post 80’s generation, happy and excited. Maybe they are classmates, good friends in real life or friends from the internet on a spontaneous travel. Will 80s generation or 90s generation still use a travel agency to organise their travel? I don’t think so. Actually a travel agency in the terms of “traditional travel agency” has already disappeared.

Today is overcast. The whole West Lake is in the mist. The grey haze makes the lake resembles a paper roll of Chinese brush painting, poetic and spiritual. To my pleasant surprise, four ducks are swimming on the lake, giving vivid life to the quiet lake.

The grey haze makes the lake resembles a paper roll of Chinese brush painting.

The grey haze makes the lake resembles a paper roll of Chinese brush painting
A pavilion with its reflection
Doing Taiji in the early morning by the West Lake
Yellow willow and zigzag brideg around the lake
Hangzhou still has a green world during this cold winter
A moon bridge, willow trees and pavilions, a garden on earth
The path around the lake is clean and pretty.
A group of seniors doing Taiji by the lake
Leifeng Pagoda in a mist

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