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Top 10 Attractions in Panjin

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014
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Plan your Northeast China tour?  Panjin (盘锦) in Liaoning Province is a big draw featuring its magnificent red sea beaches. Panjin is relatively a new city inaugurated on on June 5, 1984. Panjin comprises 2 districts – Xinglongtai District and Shuangtaizi District ; 2 counties – Dawa County and Panshan County.

Dubbed as Capital of  Wetland, Panjin is situated on the northern coast of Liaodong Bay of the Bohai Gulf in, about 155 km southwest of Shenyang, the capital city of Liaoning Province. The Liao River (Liaohe River, one of China’s seven longest rivers empties itself at Panjin. Panjin is a booming city developed from oil industry.

Panjin is famed for its harmonious combination of sea and river,  birds  and pumpjacks, red beaches and red crowned cranes, and modern and primitive civilization coexistence.  Check out the top 10 attractions in Panjin and plan your own trip to this amazing place – the biggest wetland and reed marsh in the world.

1. Red Sea Beaches 红海滩
The world famous Red Sea Beaches Scenic Area is located at the estuary of Liaohe River (Liao River) within the Liaohe River delta, about 40 km southwest of Panjin’s city center. This red sea beaches scenic area is a well developed sight crowned as AAAA National Level scenic spot.  Here you will see the world famous red sea beaches and the largest reed marsh in the world. It is a perfect green eco-tourism area comprising sightseeing, leisure and resort.

The scenic core includes Red Sea Beach Wharf, Watching Cranes on Reed Marsh, Wetland Park and Red Sea Beach Resort.

1) The Red Sea Beach Wharf  is a 1000 meters long boardwalk protruding to the sea. Strolling along the boardwalk and immersing yourself into the red sea beaches.

2) Watching Cranes on Marsh is a good place to experience  and touch the nature. You have the chance to go closely to see the rare red crowned cranes and more rare birds. The wetland park is nicknamed “Crescent Park” because in the park there is an ancient water course resembling a crescent.  You will boat around the maize of the reed marsh and experience the tranquility of the primeval nature.

3) Red Sea Beach Resort  is a group of traditional style buildings with one main building and 7 single villas.  The resort is a cluster of catering, accommodation, meeting and more.

Entrance fee: RMB 80 ( including  Red Sea Beach Wharf, Watching Cranes on Marsh  and Crescent Wetland Park
Excluding transport and boating
Add: Zhaoquanhe Township, Dawa County, Panjin 大洼县赵圈河乡
Enquiry: 0427 – 6881651
Transport: 0427 – 6920789
How to get there
Take the bus from Panjin and get off at Red Sea Beach Tourist Reception Center and change for a golf car going to the scenic area.

2. Dingxiang Eco-Tourism Resort 鼎翔生态旅游度假区
Dingxiang Eco-Tourism Resort is located Xinshengjie, Xinglongtai District, about 25 km to the west of Panjin city center. It is a AAAA National Scenic Spot. Its core scenic area is 4.8 square km, a comprehensive eco-tourist resort featuring sightseeing, leisure, meeting and resort. The resort is mainly composed of the following three zones:

1) Taiping River Landscape:
Taiping River passes through the scenic area for over 5 km and Taiping River area is dense with trees, old trees, reputed as the Tree Museum.  You may stroll around the forested area or boat  on the river.

2) Crab Beach at Reed Marsh
The Crab beach is located  at the delta of Liaphe River and Raoyanghe River.  A 2000-meter long boardwalk path protruding into the sea of reed. Walking the wooden path,  listening to the tidal waves and singing birds make you feel relaxed with a a sense of exhilaration. The reed waves go with the wind and the tidal waves. Catching crabs, fishing crabs and eating crabs are the highlight on your trip to the crab beach.

3) Bird Paradise
The Bird Paradise is a fertile and forested land circled by water on its three sides. Over 200 species of birds live here. Many rare birds also live in the bird enclave.

Entrance Fee: RMB 180 ( a all-in-one ticket ).
Add: Xinsheng Jie, Xinglong District, Panjin兴隆台新生街
How to get there
Take Bus 6  from Panjin Railway Station and get off at Dingxing Group
Tel: 0427 – 5630055

Dingxiang Eco-Tourism Resort

Dingxiang Eco-Tourism Resort

3.  Shuangtaizi Estuary Waterfowl Nature Reserve 双台子河口水禽自然保护区
Shuangtaizi Nature Reserve is located at the estuary of  Shuangtaizi and other several rivers, about 38km southwest of Panjin ‘s city center. Shuangtaizi Nature Reserve is aimed at protecting the rare and extinct waterflows living at the marsh area off the coast.

The reserve has an area of 0.12 million hectares with 118km coastline.  It is mainly composed of the fertile wetland suitable for numerous creatures.  Over 191 species of birds migrant here, including red crowned cranes, white crowned cranes,  white and black storks.

Shuangtaizi Estuary Waterfowl Nature Reserve

Shuangtaizi Estuary Waterfowl Nature Reserve

4. Liaohe River Estuary Reed Sea Wetland Landscape 辽河口苇海湿地景区
The reed sea wetland is located at the estuary of Liaohe River within Dongguo Township of Panshan County, Panjin. The wetland scenic area is being built into an international wetland resort.

This massive reed sea marsh scenic area is mainly divided into two zones – Reed Sea Zone and Red Sea Beach. There are now wooden paths, parking lots, wharfs, fishing platforms built to entertain people.

Entrance Fee: RMB 30
Add: at the estuary of Liaohe River within Dongguo Township of Panshan County, Panjin
How to get there
Take bus from Oild Field General Station and get off at Xihualin (欢喜岭).
Tel: 0427 –  8290800

5.  Geligang Tourist Zone 蛤蜊岗旅游区
“Geligang” in Chinese literally means ” clam tidal flats” which produce  a large quantity of clams,  bullacta exarata, conch and other seashell creatures,hence the name of Geligang.

Geligang Tourist Zone is located on the Bohai Gulf southwest of Erjiegou Township, Dawa County,45km south of Panjin’s city center. The tourist zone is composed of over 20 mud flats naturally connected.

Come to experience the amazing scene of tidal flats – Waves rising, the sea and wave ebbing, the flats; playing with the clams.

Add: Bohai Gulf southwest of Erjiegou Township, Dawa County,45km south of Panjin’s city center.
How to get there
Take Bus 30 from Panjin city center and get off at the final stop.
Tel: 18942772177,  18942772178

6. Yuanyangou Tourism Resort 鸳鸯沟旅游度假区
Yuanyangou Tourism Resort  is a AAA National Tourist Attraction and located at the estuary of Shuangtaizi River of Sandaogou, Dongguo Township, Panshan County, Panjin.  The scenic area has an area of over 50 square km.

The scenic area is scattered with boundless reed beaches, marshes,  lakes and red sea beaches, a mecca for red crowned cranes, black mouth gullies,  harbor seals and other rare  protested animals.

The scenic area is mainly composed of two attractions – Red Sea Coastline  and Hongjindu Red Sea Beach. You can see the red sea beaches along the 1000 meters boardwalk path at Red Sea Coastline. At Hongjindu,you have the opportunity to see the best preserved natural sea beaches in the world.

Add: Sandaogou Fisher Harbor, Panshan County, Panjin.
Entrance fees: RMB 20 ( Red Sea Coastline) and RMB 20 ( Hongjindu)

7.  Lakeside Park in Panjin City盘锦湖滨公园
Panjin Lakeside Park is located on the west of Shuangtaizi District, Panjin. The park occupies an area of 167 hectares with its construction 1.69 hectares and water surface 67 hectares.

The park makes use of the traditional gardening – rockeries, pavilions, lawns, trees, and streams. It is a good place to relax and enjoy the scenic view. The park features 4 functional areas – Entertainment, Senior Activity, Zoo and Management.

Entrance Fee: Free
Add: Shengli Street, Shuangtaizi District, Panjin 双台子区胜利街
Best Time to visit: May – October
Opening Hour: 8:00 – 18:00
Tel: 0427 – 2828410
How to get there
Take bus 6,11 and 12

8.  Dongsheng Gardening Base东晟园艺基地
The gardening base is located in Desheng Village of Dahuangxiang, Panshan District, Panjin. The base features the two words – Green and Leisure.

“Green” here means the green vegetation and the fresh vegetables.  “Leisure” means that you can come here to relax yourself by fruit or vegetable picking and angling in the base.

Entrance fee: RMB 10
Best Time to visit: June – October
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 18:00
Tel: 0427-2810077
How to get there
Take the special shuttle bus fromPanjin Passenger Bus Station and get off at Dahuang ( 大荒).

9. Xinanyuan Holiday Resort 鑫安源度假村
Xinanyuan Resort is located at Houyao Village, Shuangtaizi District, only 6 km north of Panjin’s city center. The resort boasts the largest man made lotus flower lake. In addition, you can do various activities like fishing, boating, eating in a tranquil area.

Every year Xinayuan Holiday Resort will hold the Lotus Flower Festival, a unique lotus flower festival in the northern China.

Entrance Fees: RMB 20
Add:  Houyao Village, Shuangtaizi District, only 6 km north of Panjin’s city center
Tel: 0427-3589808   15842798080
How to get there
Take the bus going Gaosheng (高升) from Panjin Railway Station and get off Chenjiaxiang (陈家乡)@

10. Liaohe Stele Forest  辽河碑林
Liaohe Stele Forest is located on the west end of Lakeside Park in Shuangtaizi District, Panjin. The stele forest park takes an area of 50,000 square meters, the largest stele forest of this kind in China. It collects over 2000 steles ranging from porcelain signs in Mesolithic period to modern era.

Liaohe Stele Forest is the only successive stele forest in China. It is reputed as “China’s First Stele Forest”. The stele forest is composed of three zones – Stele Exhibition, Sightseeing and Service.

Entrance Fee: RMB 40
Open Hours: 8:00- 17:30 ( summer); 8:00-16:30 (winter)
AddL 283 Shenglijie, Shuangtaizi District, Panjin
Tel: 0427 – 3870560
How to get there
Take bus 1, 2 and 7 and get off at Experimental Primary School 实验小学下车

Panjin Travel Tips
1. Best Travel Time: May- October
2. How to get to Panjin from Beijing
1) Self-drive:
560 km, 7 hours, drive along Jingha Expressway and Danxi Expressway
2) By High Speed Trains
Daily 4-5 highspeed trains from Beijing to Panjin ( 4 and half hours )

Any questions, just drop a line.