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Tokyo Beijing Tour, Beijing tour package from Tokyo Japan

Sunday, January 9th, 2011
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Please visit Beijing tour from Japan for more infirmation.

Are you going to visit Beijing via Tokyo Japan? I’m much delighted to offer you some travel tips as a local travel consultant in Beijing. We will help you book your Tokyo Beijing flights, Beijing airport transfer, Beijing hotels in Beijing and buy a local tour package from a local travel agency if you prefer.
Now, common people can easily get access to the excessive travel information almost on any places and countries you are going to visit thansks to the advent of internet age.
But for most of the people online, it is still quite difficult for them to choose the most useful travel information that can make them have the right decision to plan their travel due to the lack of expert advice. 
Below is some of the expert travel information to prepare your Tokyo Japan Beijing tour:
#1: Pre-book your Tokyo Japan Beijing Flights
The first thing you must first do is to book your international flghts from Tokyo Japan to Beijing. Your international flights take up your most part of travel expenses as a whole. So you have to be cautious about your flight booking.
You can still keep your habit of booking tickets through the local travel agency in Tokyo or your home country. Or you may try some of the popular online flight booking websites like,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,  If possible, contact directly with the airlines for better deals.
Your plane will leave from Tokyo Narita International Airport ( NRT),  and land at Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) in Beijing, and vice versa for the return flight.
# 2: Book your hotel in advance in Beijing
After your flight has been booked, you should look for a well-located hotel with reasonable rates. But to book a good hotel is not easy since there are over 800 star-rated hotels in Beijing. Searching a nice hiotel will cost you much time.
You can always use your travel agent in in Tokyo or in your home country. Or again, you can book your international flights through some reliable online flight booking websites. such,,,, ,,, and many more.
If you feel tires of online searching for the over 800 star-rated hotels in Beijing, you are welcome to check out our carefully chosen three best value hotels in Beijing

# 3: Must see attractions in Beijing
So you have booked your tickets and hotels in Beijing, now you are interested in knowing  the top 10 attractions in Beijing since you know you only have limited time for sightseeing in Beijing. You can make most of your Beijing travel by visiting the top 10 places in Beijing or doing the top 10 things.  See
Top 10 Attractions in Beijing for more information.
# 4: Beijing Airport Pick Up
Pay a little more, you can enjoy  a car service from the airport to your hotel in Beijing.
First, you are supposed to have some useful information on Beijing Capital Internationa Airport. At present there are three terminals – T3, T2 and T1. Most of the international flights arrive at T3 and T2. T2 and T1 are connected by a corridor. T3 is a little far away from both T2 and T1. There is a Free Inter-Terminal Shuttle Buses connecting T3, T2 and T1.
T3 is the biggest single terminal in the world. Please make sure you are using the right terminal to avoid posssible delay. For the detailed information about the terminals, please check Beijing Airport for more information.
Four ways of Beijing city transfer between Beijing airport to your downtown hotel.
Beijing Car Rental
Beijing Airport Shuttle Bus Service
Beijing Airport Taxi Service
Beijing Airport Express Train
Step 5: Arrange your itinerary in Beijing
Please follow my steps to plan your itinerary for your reference:
1) Beijing in One Day:
Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Badaling Great Wall ( or Mutianyu Great Wall )
2) Beijing in Two Days:
Day 01: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace, Beijing Opera
Day 02: Ming Tombs and Badaling Great Wall ( or Mutianyu Great Wall )
3) Beijing in Three Days:
Day 01: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace
Day 02: Ming Tombs and Badaling Great Wall ( or Mutianyu Great Wall )
Day 03: Hutongs, Lama Temple and Olympic Sites, Silk Market, Beijing Opera
4) Beijing in Four Days:
Day 01: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace
Day 02: Ming Tombs and Badaling Great Wall
Day 03: Hutongs, Lama Temple, Olypic Sites, Silk Market, Beijing Opera
Day 04: Beijing Capital Museum, Panda House, CCTV Headquaters Building, Grand Natioal Theatre, 798 Space
Step 6: Get around in Beijing
Visiting Beijing by using a public transport is very popular, and so advocated by the local government. Though you will suffer from heavy traffic jam during the peak hours.


Tthe past 30 years have seen Beijing transportation having been improved greatly – widened roads, added subway lines, with more clean buses, more environmentally friendly taxis etc. So try to avoid peak hours and well plan your airport transfer to avoid possible delay.
Beijing Taxi Beijing Public Bus Beijing Subway Beijing Trains
Beijing Flights Beijing Airlines Beijing Bike Beijing Pedicab
Beijing Boat Beijing Walking    
Step 7: Beijing Travel Tips
Traveling is a way of learning. Beijing, is quite different from your hometown country. Having some empathy or putting yourself in “Beijing’s shoes” is highly recommended. So it is necessary for you to have some useful and expert travel tips about Beijing before departure.

Visa Accommodations Customs
Climate Communicating Business Hours
Money Changing money Credit cards
Phony Money Radio and TV Publications
Telephone Post Office Medical Services
Electricty Water Laundry
Transportation Beijing Time Cheap flights to Beijing
Beijing Travel Advice
Step: 8: Beijing trip package?
Whether you prefer to travel independently, or you like to use a local travel agency (there are pros and cons to this approach), when coming to  Beijing, it is a good idea to incorporate your independent tour with the city tours sponsored by a local travel agency to make the most out of your Beijing trip since Beijing has so much to offer.
Beijing Travel packages Beijing Day Tours Great Wall Tour Beijing Bus Tours
Beijing Hutong Tours Half Day Tour Beijing Beijing Bike Tours Beijing Walking Tour
Beijing Kids Tour Beijing Side Trips  Beijing Winter Tour  Beijing Muslim Tour
Step: 09  More Beijing Travel Tips
Tips for traveling Tiananmen Square
Tips for seeing Summer Palace
Tips for touring the Temple of Heaven
Forbidden City Travel Tips, the Palace Museum Travel Tips
Tips for hiking the Great Wall of China around Beijing
How to exploring Ming Tombs in Beijing
How to sightsseing in Beihai Park Beijing
How to tour Shichahai
How to visit Bird’s Nest and Water Cube
How to see CCTV Tower in Beijing
How to discover National Grand Theatre in Beijing
Top 10 Most Romantic sites in Beijing
How to spend Beijing Nightlife
Top 10 Beijing Souvenirs
Top 10 Tour Scams Beijing

Chooing a Beijing trip package from a local travel agency in Beijing, You will have more fresh knowledge from a local travel advisors or your tour guides in Beijing. We customize Beijing tour packages from the time you get Beijing at Beijing airport or train station till that we return you back there at the end of a exciting vacation. You can also use any of the travel services separately from us including transport, day trips, hotels, meal arrangements, night shows, and tour guides.


Please visit Beijing tour from Japan for more information.