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When is the best time to visit Guangzhou?

Friday, July 26th, 2019
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Plan your Guangzhou Tour? As the capital and largest city of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou is especially prosperous in commerce, tourism, dining, finance and real estate. Guangzhou is a busy city all year round. It enjoys a typical subtropical monsoon climate, the temperature is moderate all the year round.

The high rainfall period of Guangzhou is during May and June. The best time to visit Guangzhou is in autumn ( later October through Mid December) with balmy weather and the most comfortable temperature within the year.

But the fact is that it all depends on your budget, tolerance for large crowds, your personal interests and, another time of year may suit you better. Check out below to have some information on each season:

Guangzhou in Spring ( late February to mid May )
Spring in Guangzhou, which lasts from late February to mid May, sees many humid, misty, and cloudy days. Spring is a rainy season, while the high rainfall period is during May and June.
You’d better take your sweater and light clothes at this season.

Important Notice:
The spring China Import and Export Fair is held in April. You’d better avoid visiting Guangzhou during the trade fair.

The annual spring China Import and Export Fair: Usually held from Mid-April through early May.

May 1-3 is also Labour Day – National Holiday. Just try to avoid it.

Guangzhou in Spring

Guangzhou in Spring

Guangzhou in Summer ( late May until early September)
Guangzhou has lengthy summers that last for more than five months, usually from late May until early September. The hottest months are July, August and September, when temperatures range from about 25-36°C.

There will be occasional typhoons and afternoon thunderstorms in summer, so visitors should carry an umbrella when going out. Water sports are very popular in summer.

Guangzhou in Autumn ( later October through November)
Autumn is unarguably Guangzhou’s best season, but only lasts from later October through November and mid December, when conditions are dry, clear and pleasantly cool. The sky is bright and clear. You can go shopping on a sunny day in the fall.

The trick is that there always many visitors from every corner of the whole world in this season, especially during the National Day Holiday (October 1 -7 ).

In addition, the annual Autumn China Import and Export Fair will be held in late October when flooded with hordes of tourists and business travelers.

guangzhou in autumn

Guangzhou in autumn

Guangzhou in Winter ( lasts from late December until mid February)
Guangzhou winter is a sea of flowers. Winter in Guangzhou normally lasts from late December until mid February, when it can get quite cold, but due to the city’s low latitude, it seldom snows.

The Official Flower of Guangzhou, the Kapok, comes into bloom all over the city in winter.

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